Quick-Start RulesCAV: Strike Operations Quick-Start Rules

The CAV: Strike Operations Quick-Start Rules provide an overview of the game rules, allowing you to jump right into the action. While these rules are only a selection of the total rule set, they are an easy way to help you learn the basic concepts involved while playing your first game. Centered around the Dictator CAV, players will each play one of the feared Rach Empire machines as they pilot it into combat! Model cut-outs and data cards are included for play. CAV: SO Quick-Start Rules

For the complete rules, pick up the CAV: Strike Operations Rule Book! (available Summer 2015) Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Quick-Start RulesCAV: Strike Operations Counter Sheets

A printable set of counters and markers for a variety of rules found in the CAV: SO rule book. CAV: SO Counter Sheets

Mission CardsCAV: Strike Operations Mission/Scenario Cards

Designed for players to have a quick way to pick random scenarios to play. Also included are blank ones to write-up your own custom designs! CAV: SO Mission Cards

CAV: Strike Operations Construction Program

This Windows based program allows players to print out official CAV: Strike Operations Data Cards for their favorite models as well as build your own custom designs.

Updated Construction Program [3/9/2015]: This build includes Data Cards for all of the models featured in the CAV:SO Kickstarter!

CAV: Strike Operations Faction Model List

The CAV:SO Faction Model List has the latest break-down of which models belong to each major faction available to play!

Rach Dictator Data CardCAV: Strike Operations Data Cards

A list of current Data Cards that are available for players to print out and play their favorite CAV:SO models! Each card is full color and includes an image of the model and has been specifically designed with new players in mind.

The United Terran Federation

The Greater Empire of the Rach

The Empire of Malvernis

The Grand Order of the Temple


Adon Economic Confederation

The Ritterlich Republic

The Almirithil Principality


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