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  1. Was just attached pictures that dropped for some reason. SHould be fixed now.
  2. July Paint Challenge: The German's have unveiled their new "Panther" tank with a unique camo-paint scheme. I liked it so much I decided to post a challenge of sorts. Between now and July 31st paint up any CAV model with your interpretation of this paint scheme and post the picture below. I will select the winner, allowing them to 1) pick which faction our version of this tank will belong too and 2) add a canon unit to that faction with their choice of names (this will of course have some limitations, but I will work with you) with their paint job as their official unit "colors." This is a quick, off the cuff contest of sort so bear with me as it progresses! CB https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=429281715874347
  3. While we have no plans in releasing the complete book as a pdf. The core rules will be available in July as a free pdf.
  4. Borderwars '22, May 20-22, Kansas City, Missouri www.hahmgs.org/BW2022.html We will be attending the show as a vendor and have the new Assault on New Memphis board set up! We will be running short demos each day and have a full game both Friday and Saturday evening. Scenario Info https://talon-games.com/downloads/SCENARIO/DROPPING_THE_HAMMER.pdf We hope to see you there! CB
  5. The starter squads are a Specialist Squad. Anything up to four models can go in this type of squad regardless of role (so you could put four aircraft in it for example). A model with the SA: Specialist must always go in a Specialist Squad.
  6. Hi Charles, No progress on having printed cards yet. The rules update is a pdf supplement to the rule book. It will tweak a few things, add some clarifications and add some new rules to try out.
  7. Starting in May we have so new models for you! 72321 Despot B (x2) SRP $6.99 72322 Warden B (x2) SRP $6.99 72323 Ryoshi-Ni (x2) SRP $6.99 72324 Cobra SRP SRP $5.99 72325 King Cobra SRP $6.99 72326 Spatha (x2) SRP $6.99
  8. Here is a quick write-up of the scenario I used at Little Wars 2022 with some "in progress" pictures from the show! https://talon-games.com/downloads/SCENARIO/DROPPING_THE_HAMMER.pdf
  9. It is. We are still waiting on all of the parts to come in from the 3d printer we are using. I know its getting closer as I have seen some of the final parts...
  10. A good place to look is Kickstarter. Either a current campaign or a previous one (they usually put up links to their store with the files afterwards). I just scale them to what I want. Also here are some freebies we have: https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/STL/index.html Should scale them 150-160% for CAV scale.
  11. Current convention schedule for 2022... GhengisCon, Feb 25-27 Aurora, CO AdeptiCon, Mar 23-27 Schaumburg IL Little Wars, Apr 21-24 Lisle IL Border Wars, May 20-22 Kansas City MO Origins, June 8-12 Columbus OH Virtual CAV-Con, July (TBA) Twisted Lords Con, July 22-24, Midwest City, OK NashCon, Aug 19-21 Nashville TN (Tentative) ReaperCon (CAV-Con), Sep 1-4 Denton TX October MillenniumCon, Nov 10-13, Round Rock TX If you are interested in helping out to run any events, or need support for an event you are already planning, please let me know ASAP! cavboss(at)talon-games(dot)com
  12. N Scale is the closest you will get (its 12mm as compared to the games 10mm scale). We use a 1/180th for our scale that works out to one-inch equaling 15feet. Doorways should be about 15mm/9/16ths inch. I use mainly 2" tall trees. Also anything scaled for printing 3d for BT run at 150-160 percent and you should be fine.
  13. https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2022/02/06/mit-new-material-stronger-than-steel/6684075001/
  14. Paging Zefram Cochrane: Humans have figured out how to make a warp bubble - TechRepublic
  15. Where it gets messed up is how you define the height of an average person and whether you measure from bottom of foot to top of head or to eye level. This is how I come up with the scale we use (1/180). We figure the 10mm from bottom of foot to eye level with an average height male at 6 feet (72"). Using the "idealistic" proportions seen here... This puts our eye level at 67.5 inches i.e. 10mm and an actual scale of 1/171.45 which is a weird number. I rounded up to 180 as at this scale the difference is just a "sliver" anyway and it makes it work out to 1"=15 feet for easier measuring. I guess you can call ours Heroic 10mm 🙂 Back in the days of old they used a 5'3" as average height while the average height in the US today for a male is 5'9". Using those numbers for 10mm you get 1/150 and 1/164 with the "idealistic" male. Hence why there are so many different right answers! 🙂
  16. The back building look a little small for CAV but are fine to play with. Doing big buildings proper is always tough in 10mm scale at time. Use this for a guide...1" in CAV equals 15 feet (so pretty close to 1 foot to 1/16" making a standard a building "floor" measure around 3/4" for 10feet, with doors being around 7/16". As sort of reference on how big a building would be...the Empire state building would measure (in 10mm) 28.25" x 12.5" x 97" (Tall!)! I like to use google maps to size real world building to get an idea of the area most common buildings would cover. Here is one of our MDF buildings and it is 6 stories tall. Most CAVs are around three stories tall.
  17. Correct model cement will not glue PVC plastic or the newer Dual-Cast material. Stay with super glue! Note: Clear non-expanding gorilla glue will act as a bit of an accelerator for super glue and will bond together. I typically use a drop of one or the other on the two pieces Im gluing and get a really good bond!
  18. Correct on the variants. The Glaive is a Halberd variant. No there is no drawback for just playing a merc force. We have some things coming down the pipe to make playing a faction force more attractive so stay tuned. There is not a pdf right now. We are getting ready to release a rules update that will include the core rules and any changes/errata that will be in pdf form (and later reprinted in the Rules of Engagement campaign guide next year). The pdf will be available this upcoming January.
  19. Way back when I used to get a piece of light canvas from Joanns (or any other fabric store) and mix up a bucket of warm water with just enough paint in it to dye the fabric. Make sure its well soaked and then "wring" out before hanging up to dry. It drys with lots of light/dark spots that give it a very mottled look. After drying I would come back and use a sponge to daub on various other shades (darker greens and light browns) to enhance it even more. They always turned out pretty great and you can make them as long as the piece of fabric is you get.
  20. Right now we are looking at March of 2022. With everything slowly returning to normal we are ramping up for next year.
  21. Black Magic Craft put up a great video on the subject: https://youtu.be/K3ki1nzH5zQ Make sure to check it out!
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