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  1. CC_PAINT.jpg

    With CAV-CON '22 coming up we are once again sponsoring CAV-based categories in conjunction with Reaper's Master Paint Open. With that in mind we know everyone can't make it to the show so we will also be offering a virtual show as well running until Sept 30, 2022! To enter simply submit your entries below and make sure to note the category in the subject line please. Enter as many as you want but we will only judge the one (in each category) that we feel is your best work.

    Categories include:

    Best Single CAV Model (Armor/Ordnance)

    Best CAV Squad (Armor/Ordnance)

    Best CAV Diorama (Diorama)

    There is a trophy for 1st place in each category (the coveted Gold Dictator!) with medallions for 2nd and 3rd. We will also be providing a $50, $25, and $10 gift certificate in each category as well.

    SO fire up those brushes!


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  2. OK, looks like we three brave souls willing to throw their work out there and for that they should all rewarded! So, what I need from them is the name of a unit, the faction, and the "official" color scheme you want them to wear and we will "canonize" them into CAV lore. I will adjust names to fit their faction if needed so don't try to go to wild! CB

  3. July Paint Challenge:

    The German's have unveiled their new "Panther" tank with a unique camo-paint scheme. I liked it so much I decided to post a challenge of sorts.

    Between now and July 31st paint up any CAV model with your interpretation of this paint scheme and post the picture below. I will select the winner, allowing them to 1) pick which faction our version of this tank will belong too and 2) add a canon unit to that faction with their choice of names (this will of course have some limitations, but I will work with you) with their paint job as their official unit "colors."

    This is a quick, off the cuff contest of sort so bear with me as it progresses! CB





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  4. 7 hours ago, jhilahd said:

    Sorry to necro this - but is there a pdf available now for the core rulebook?
    I like physical books, but being able to have the rules available digitally would be amazing.

    While we have no plans in releasing the complete book as a pdf. The core rules will be available in July as a free pdf.

  5. 4 hours ago, Charles Prince said:

    Any news on this? I can totally print out my own cards, but having printed ones would be nicer.

    In the same vein ... rules update? Is the book I bought at Adepticon about to be out of date?

    Hi Charles,

    No progress on having printed cards yet. The rules update is a pdf supplement to the rule book. It will tweak a few things, add some clarifications and add some new rules to try out.


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  6. Current convention schedule for 2022...
    GhengisCon, Feb 25-27 Aurora, CO
    AdeptiCon, Mar 23-27 Schaumburg IL
    Little Wars, Apr 21-24 Lisle IL
    Border Wars, May 20-22 Kansas City MO
    Origins, June 8-12 Columbus OH
    Virtual CAV-Con, July (TBA)
    Twisted Lords Con, July 22-24, Midwest City, OK
    NashCon, Aug 19-21 Nashville TN (Tentative)
    ReaperCon (CAV-Con), Sep 1-4 Denton TX
    MillenniumCon, Nov 10-13, Round Rock TX 
    If you are interested in helping out to run any events, or need support for an event you are already planning, please let me know ASAP! cavboss(at)talon-games(dot)com
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  7. N Scale is the closest you will get (its 12mm as compared to the games 10mm scale). We use a 1/180th for our scale that works out to one-inch equaling 15feet. Doorways should be about 15mm/9/16ths inch. I use mainly 2" tall trees.

    Also anything scaled for printing 3d for BT run at 150-160 percent and you should be fine.

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