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  1. Nice, thank you. I will be downloading them tonight.
  2. Anyone have a list [or links] to good "sci-fi" terrain that can be printed for CAV?
  3. I actually am an old-school CAV player coming back to the fold. It was great to meet the CAVBoss and get some terrain bits... now I just need to find where I put all my CAV KS III figures. LOL
  4. I am looking to 3D print some stuff and can find a bunch of cool stuff, but am not sure what the best scale [railroad wise] would be good for printing.
  5. Thornton CO [North Denver area]
  6. I was thrilled to see Talon Games and CAVBoss at GenghisCon here in Aurora CO this last weekend. It gave me a little motivation to dig out my CAV stuff and start building and painting some.
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