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  1. Hiya @CAVBOSS, on the main site's Datacard page the PDF files at the page bottom are overlapping the bottom banner. This is not allowing several of the files there to be accessed. Hopefully this is an easy fix.
  2. North Central Arkansas [Heber Springs]
  3. In the book "Fly for your life" Robert Tuck said that when Hitler's Invasion of Russia was announced they cheered in the RAF because they knew that meant that Hitler couldn't throw as much at them as they had been.
  4. For decades it would have been very much 1/1/1, but adding some new games and the CAV and Battletech Kickstarters have me WAY behind. So now probably 60/20/20
  5. I have had "Wolf Whiz Ale" as a running joke and Sponsor on my Blood Bowl Teams for years. Their motto is "It's in the water!"
  6. Babylon 5 Star Trek franchise Original Battlestar Grimm Farscape
  7. Look on Thingiverse for N scale model railroad buildings and terrain. Also under 10mm terrain.
  8. Talon rocked the place. Fantastic game boards, excellently run demos, a great paint and take table and all the CAVs on display at the booth. Well done folks!
  9. Putting together the new Starhawk 7 and Tsuiseki, I agree with your assessment on the material and details. Very good looking and nice to work with.
  10. Well, I found 10 CAV metal minis at Reapercon on the Melt Table! One of them was a mystery CAV, I was not sure which it was, a Warlord minus its missile pack or a Knight. Got home, dug out my JORs and found out it was a Black Knight. So it will get stripped and repainted into Templar colors and join the unit. The other CAVs were 4 Tsuisekis [at their small size they may go to my CBT stuff as Mechbuster proxies], a Rhino and Panther for the Ritts, a Dictator for the Rach, a Spectre for Malvernis and a Regent for Terra. Also grabbed a plastic Wight, Dictator and 2 of the new Tsuiseki 2s and a Starhawk 7. Was gonna go back for some Crossbows and forgot to.
  11. I just got some metal mins for the Warlord and Black Knight and need some current stats for them. Help guys!
  12. Wish I would have seen this in time! Will there be an August or September challenge?
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