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  1. @CAVBOSS your 95% there, I assume, includes "Production" as well as "Acquisition" ? ... hehehe. 😉
  2. I do remember some of my early dabble with Warmachine, (like v2 or whatever that game is measured in) and seeing the upgrade kits for some of the jacks. I had a Merc character I think with some options as well. Good stuff.
  3. I hear ya @Krugerannd. I'm trying to tilt harder into hobby, and think it will drive more play when I have better painted stuff. Heh.
  4. Awwww yeah! Get it JAMES! Happy for your unexpected Friday off. Good stuff mate.
  5. Makes a lot of sense. Thought this is a helicopter, I can imagine medium drone dropping battlefield goodies to places as well. ... lol ... and if I Google for 2 seconds ... yep: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidhambling/2021/03/16/us-army-pushes-ahead-with-battlefield-resupply-drones/?sh=2dc3e7e86b94
  6. Been thinking about this a bit with me. My HobbyHabit is far more on acquisition, then paint, then play. Curious what others think their ratios may be? I'm probably: 80 / 15 / 5 (80% purchase : %15 paint/hobby : 5% play)
  7. I think, (though I know nothing about Warcaster, other than some offshoot of the Infinity Warmachine world/game ) ... but I think this means it would be possible to magnetize a chassis and then just switch weapons arms and kit onto it. That might actually be more the intent. Oooo. NOW actually thinking about that ... so say way in the future you bring something like the 'Tater up to DualCast ... now at that time you could sell it with weapons options for the shoulder launchers and arm weapons ... and ... ... ... (floats off to dreaming again)
  8. I've always thought this was a compelling idea for mini model manufacturers, to sell mod parts, as a stand alone retail option. I'm dreaming up what the CAV versions of these could be in my mind ... a Rach pack, an Adon pack, etc. etc. Might be something to consider, in the multitude of never ending ideas and things to go do, for CAV. Heh. Near term it cannot make any real sense to try for this for CAV though, as attachment points/design are not made with interchangeability in mind. WAY more important and desirable for just new DualCast stuff to be produced (because that material and those casts are AMAZE-balls great). Any-hoo ... just fun to dream ... while I lop guns off CAV arms. 😛 Pics
  9. The wife comes into the room just now, begins chatting with me, and notices up on the computer screen is the Talon Games MDF terrain sale of TT Combat buildings. "Hey, that's all that burnt wood stuff," she declares. 😆😂😆 Why yes, yes it is.
  10. Templar intelligence suspects maybe actually only one Ghost is present. The other looks to be "photoshopped", as the Terrans of the 21st century would say.
  11. Really great update man. Love it! Definitely ties the whole thing together more.
  12. Good progress made the past two days. I'm getting so hyped with how it is turning out. (squeak) Rear assault drop hatch, properly installed, and with new motto script. Those engines need work 😆! Finished off the landing gear. Touchdown. 🛬 Combat insignia applied to launcher pods. Needs a little clean up. 🤭 Rach insignia looking fierce. 👹 Here she is getting real real close to done now. 💫 To do list ... Ship name, both sides Hull number, both sides Engines Silver highlight metal edges of launchers Cleanup (stencil work, masking pull off) Final glueing Seal it ALLLLLlllllllllll! Photo shoot, video showcase, bask in the glory while waiting for the Triumph MDF kit.
  13. Love that you are making these from the starter faction packs! 👍 One of the major issues with CAV is knowing what to purchase for point of entry (heck it is even hard to figure out which CAVs belong to which faction when you start out). So, just seeing these cards and SAs gathered like this, while simple, makes an impression. I really like it! Totally Novice (just smile, nod, please ignore as needed) Ideas: Are you playing with other seasoned CAV players? You could reduce the model count, to two CAVs a side (or something of the like), to simplify things if people are not that well versed. Terrain & Objectives. You might setup 1 or even 2 objectives on the table to capture. With such a small game, these likely don't REALLY matter, but they give you something to move toward/think about, besides just trying to maneuver against enemy units. I'm also super PRO using one or two large full line of sight blocking, L3+ pieces of terrain on the table. The LOS blocking terrain speeds up the game, because it typically reduces early long range shots. Early long range shots still take all the amount of time to roll and do, but usually have very minimal in game effect, unless you have a lot of models focusing fire. Anything to add MORE flavor and narrative. If you are controlling all the setup and models, you can wrap a small story around the objectives or the reasons for the conflict, and it usually adds a bit more engagement. Explosion and laser sound effects. pew-pew-pew ... Requirement to make these during game play. 🙂
  14. Space Above & Beyond! I gotta re-watch that one! Mando is awesome.
  15. Mine are ... Firefly The Expanse ST:TNG BattleStar Galactica (04'-09') Stranger Things Almost made it mentions are: Babylon 5 (only on season 2 right now, actively watching), Deep Space 9, Quantum Leap, the X-Files, and I'm sure something I've forgotten.
  16. Badger Drop Ship 7 And so it began, shortly after CAV CON 2021 ... 6 hours of assembly. It was super fun, but I love assembling things. I'm keeping the four "pods" and main hull in separate pieces, as well as keeping some of the front screens detached to allow access to internals of cockpit. Being in parts helps with painting and the cockpit access allows for lighting and windshield fun. Primed in base colors ... Some customization of the sensor radar on the nose, using some of the detailing card provided in the kit as well as button from the wife's sewing stash. Panel painting and blacking out some of the deeper areas. Custom radar bit using old IR sensor cover from some electronics and a CAV terrain gun helping round out the capabilities of this Badger. I really like the asymmetry and details these provided. Using some of the detailing kit as a stencil to get the Rach logo on the back assault ramp. Can also see the "space dust weathering wash" I've applied here.
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