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  1. Michael's Mermaids Royal Blues Free Company Turn 0 (pre-game) We made a ton of mistakes in this game. We got a few rules wrong and we completely messed up David's army list. We miscommunicated about who was supposed to bring it and then had to try and construct it from memory - which we failed at. I won't bother with all the ways we got the list wrong but instead of proxying the Wardens as Nomads we made them Hounds instead - which meant they had no weapons which could harm my models. Additionally, we put all of the Hounds in one squad and all the CAVs in the other -mistakes were made. ?? Never the less, I decided to make a battle report more for the experience in formatting it than in the hope it might be useful. Normally, CAV is played the length of the table so that forces start out far enough away from each other that there is little Turn 1 shooting. David and I decided to play across the short side table in order to force early and violent combat. The store closed at 10pm which left us about 3 hours to play but we're old friends and like to chat about random stuff so we needed to cut a few corners. Turn 1 I didn't know I was going to make a battle report when I we started this game so I didn't really get turn by turn pictures. I'll do better next time. David deployed his forces centrally in the open space between 2 hills on his side of the board. I deployed my forces a little wider than him so that each of my squads could move up and take advantage of the 2 larger hills which flanked the center of the board. We both double moved all of our units. David moved his Hounds to flood the board with APA2 and positioned his CAVs centrally to take advantage of a little piece of woods and some buildings. While I took positions on the backsides of both central hills. Turn 2 The image shows part of our setup just before the shooting began. David targeted the open ground between the tanks in the image at right with the Revenant's 2x Rocket 15s. I really thought I'd screwed up and was about to get heavy damage on 4 or possibly 5 tanks. However, he just missed his strike point roll and the resulting drift meant that only the Spatha got hit by the rockets. LUCKY ME! The rest of the round saw minor damage spread amongst a few Scimitars that David could get line of sight to. I managed to bloody the nose of the Firedrake you can see in the image. Turn 3 This turn saw a lot of normally long ranged weapons booming away at medium to short range and then David snuck his Kestral with Particle Bolt Guns (PBGs) onto the hill and started murdering stuff - overdrive can casually cause 4 damage. ?? The fate of this Kestral would prove to be the most interesting part of the game. I managed to get 4 points of damage onto this turn but it then refused to die. On the other side of the board I managed to remove that centrally located Firedrake just as the Revenant got LoS with its Heavy MACs and punched holes through Scimitars. Turn 4 I went first on turn 4 and decided that 2 undamaged Scimitars could remove the heavily damaged Kestral and declared my Target Lock from the Black Mamba would go against the Revenant instead. Overconfident much...? Needless to say the Kestral survived and went on to Overdrive his PBGs into my poor little tanks again this turn. On the other side of the board, the Revenant kept punching Heavy MAC sized holes into my tanks but the numbers were taking their toll. Reinforced 2 meant that only the Spatha using 4 Salvo fired MACs had any chance to do more than 1 point of damage to the armor 9 Revenant. That said, I managed to get 4 points of damage through this turn - 1 from 4 separate tanks. Turn 5 By Turn 5 the store was close to closing so we called the game after the shooting was done. The Revenant was an angry giant swarmed by pesky little tanks. He crushed one a turn but they were close to wearing him down. The Kestral was wrecking havoc amongst my tanks Overdriving its PBGs to good effect. The Black Mamba spent the entire game using EST to hand out Target Locks and staying out of trouble. I can just imagine its crew listening on squad comms as the Scimitars and the Spatha frantically try and kill this bezerk Kestral pilot. When much to their surprise the Kestral walks directly in front of them and their 2 light RACs (strength 2 vs Hard targets). I can see them all looking at each other the same question in their eyes... Do we shoot? They did and we called the game. ??
  2. Even better, looking forward to seeing what you do with your figures. Be sure to share your progress!
  3. Happy to have a new CAV player! Be sure to share what you're working on with us. 🙂
  4. Here is a recent snippet from the CAV Discord about scale.
  5. Please share your findings, I'm very curious to know how it works.
  6. Never used Tamiya cement but I have assembled 100+ CAVs. Super glue has always worked for me! J--
  7. I appreciate the input, I decided to go with this answer for the win. 🙂
  8. Jon asked me to fill in for him Wednesday @ 8pm CST. I'm working on my all tanks force. Join me as we speculate WILDLY about what Jon is doing that keeps him away from the show. I'm giving away a 3D printed Cobra to the person whose story I like the best. Possibly, there will be other prizes as the muse hits me. Come hang out and hobby with me! https://www.twitch.tv/talongamesonline
  9. Also, the Black Mambas bring EST not APA. So, only 4 sources of APA.
  10. My ECM is to kill their ECM. Gives me a purpose in the game. 😝
  11. I'm playing a game on 10/2 and here is my all tank force I'm taking. Comments welcome!
  12. @CAVBOSS do you have these letters as an actual font we could import into windows? If so, @Dave.C you could print them out and save a ton of work.
  13. I looked at the rules and everything seems legal to me. The Concussion in your math benefits from 'can see the target' but you could do all of this without LOS to the strike point, you'd just lose the +1.
  14. Good catch Krugerannd, I stand corrected. 🙂
  15. I read the rules for APA, External APA, and the Errata for both and I saw nothing to suggest that infantry don't benefit from the APA bonus. Where did you come by this understanding...?
  16. Assuming infantry are a good choice for your force and you have the points then I think its a great idea. What external APA?
  17. Something a little different, a friend of mine asked if he could use my minis in a photo shoot. Turns out, space beer is a thing. Check them out on Instagram if you like. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTNKRtolYFe/?utm_medium=copy_link
  18. Remember that ODST units are assigned their own specific card in the draw deck that determines when they can come in so you aren't completely in control of when they appear. They also cannot activate on the turn they come in, can't deploy within 12" of an enemy, and each model scatters. Still a powerful choice but considering the enemy force won't have much else to shoot at that turn of inactivity is going to be busy. Ideally, you'd draw their card at or near the end of the turn, deploy them, and then get first activation next turn thus kind of eliminating the no activation on turn of deployment drawback. As an opponent, I'd never want to use my recon ability to push your 'ODST' card to the bottom of the deck as this is exactly what you want. If you got lucky and got ODST deployment at the end of a turn and then drew your activation at the start of the next turn I'd use my recon ability to push your activation card to the bottom in the hopes of getting to activate before the ODST squad. That many points in ODST is going to be nasty no matter what your opponent does. Enjoy! 🙂
  19. My thoughts on this list vary on the way you plan to use it. As a slow grow, pick up game list this looks like a lot of fun. - The Centurions and the Crusader pack an enormous punch in their PBGs. Your attack squad's two sources of EST mean that your enemy really has to focus their fire to remove your ability to share Target Locks. Which is really good because you want those Centurions moving and shooting not 'Target Locking'. - Your Recon squad has a lot of ECM which means you can jam Target Locks and run Counter-ECM at the same time - very useful. I don't have a lot of experience with infantry in CAV but they can certainly move onto objectives and be hard to shift off. They are very good at CC and will make most CAVs think twice before getting into charge range of them. As an 'event' list, by which I think you mean tournament, the list isn't legal as infantry aren't allowed currently. - Looking at just the CAV part of it... that attack squad will murder anything it can bring those PBGs to bear on. However, Centurions are slow and their main weapons are short ranged. This means you're exposed to a lot of fire you can't really return very effectively the first 2 turns, possibly 3 turns. You might not get into PBG range without taking some serious damage. - The list construction rules for CAV tournaments limit the kind of lists you can run - assuming you're playing to win. The hard limit of 12 models max at 4500 points means your average model cost is 375 points. This list has 1253 points left over after paying for that attack squad. That leaves 156 points as the average cost for your next 8 models. So, you're looking at your attack squad and something like 8 Sabres. - That is a playable list but I think it'll get taken apart by something with a better 'Gun Density'. I think for 4500 points you can make a list that brings more guns to the table that can engage the enemy at longer ranges. This hypothetical enemy force will put out more damage than yours in the first and second turn for sure - possibly the third turn too depending on terrain, tactics, and dice. You'll need to play catch up in the third turn and beyond. It can work, if you get through the first three turns mostly unscathed you will BLOW STUFF UP! 🙂 Just my 2 cents. I'm excited to hear how it works for you guys, please share!
  20. (cross post from FB group) CAV's have high tech digital camo - essentially LCD paint. I figure buildings have, essentially, digital billboards built into them. What better place for an advertiser or hacker to promote their favorite show? Some CAV terrain I'm working on.
  21. A slight left hand turn from our traditional route on the show. 🙂 8pm CST on https://www.twitch.tv/talongamesonline
  22. ODST applies to only CAVs and infantry and deploying them uses both of their actions.
  23. You can't move the turn you deploy with ODST? Also, don't you have to be 12" away from enemy models? This is all from memory so correct me please. 😁
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