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  1. Thanks. Ya, that was my plan for them as well.
  2. I got these last week and kind of got distracted with them. I laser cut the bases and magnetized the heavy weapons so they can be swapped out. They're around halfway done I think. The bases are done, basecoats and washes as well, I'm going through and doing the highlights now. After that it'll just be the weapons left to do. I took one dude through to completion, I might go a little lighter on the black highlight but this is what I'm shooting for.
  3. Great color choice. Might have to steal that.
  4. I started messing around with this Kahn that's been sitting on my bench for at least a year now. I'm thinking a black/magenta halved pattern. I've brought the shoulder through the highlights trying to get a feel for things. Thoughts?
  5. Nice. How'd you paint them? Are the hexes 50mm or 40mm?
  6. Have you checked K&J magnetics?
  7. A card tied to a unit/squad can also represent poorer command and control capabilities. It forces the player to activate something at a certain time, rather than giving them the choice of what to activate.
  8. For con games I tend to limit player choices just to keep stuff moving along, I'd go with assigning the cards. I ran a Warmaster demo where I allowed people to deploy their armies, it took the better part of an hour. Set things up, and let people move and blow stuff up as quickly as possible.
  9. How about a player finder? Post your location here and/or on the map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1AubeLYAEMfB_4MHCxzyC4vZCMepl46ny&usp=sharing I'm in Worcester, MA, USA and have first, second and SO.
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