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  1. Here's a link to an interesting 3D terrain Kickstarter, Hex Colony: The models are designed for 32mm figures but I imagine most would scale to 10mm without too much hassle. The sets are designed for FDM printers and the models are multi-part so supports shouldn't be necessary. The whole kit plus stretch goals and unlocks works out to about $20.
  2. Yeah, I think I'm happy with how it all turned out so far. I'm not going to get too picky about scale at the moment, but all that info id definitely food for thought.
  3. Yeah, I thought the one in the back-right was too small. Thanks for the info about scale. I'm finding not all 3d model designers have the same ideas about what 6mm or 10mm mean. Scaling models up or dowm can get a bit sticky. I'll have to play around with it on a per-model basis to get good results.
  4. I have a small 3D printer and one of the things which has drawn me to CAV is the ability of said printer to crank out terrain pieces for the game. Attached to this message is a photo of four CAVs next to some terrain I've already printed. For reference, the pillbox is a free download in the CAV HQ downloads section. The other two buildings are freebies from Thingiverse and are 6mm scale for That Other Game. I scaled up each terrain model 150% as recommended and printed them in PLA plastic. The terrain pieces do have layer lines, but with some paint and at arm's length on the table they should look quite good. I'm pleased with the results and I intend to print out more pieces. My question for anybody who sees this is: Do these terrain pieces look like they're in scale with the CAVs? I know scale is a nebulous topic, but I'm shooting for "in the ballpark" here.
  5. Well, the short answer is I didn't try it. 🙂 Super Glue, as you recommended, works perfectly and creates quite the strong bond. The Tamiya Cement is apparently only used on styrene plastics, which is why I had to use it on my Ogre/GEV minis as Super Glue doesn't hold styrene together well at all. That said, I'm not complaining, because that stuff has a strong odor and Super Glue is far more readily available.
  6. In the models-by-faction lists (ToEs), several models are listed with another model in parentheses. For example, Glaive (Halberd). My assumption is the Glaive is just a variant of the Halbed with a different data card. Is that correct? Second, aside from faction-specific special abilities, is there any drawback to just throwing together a mercenary force? My main reason for asking is that while I wanted to go with the Templars as my first force, many of the models are not available. Finally, while I love the hardback, I like to read rules on my tablet. Is there a PDF of the core rules available? Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Thanks! That's what I figured, but you never know. I might try the Tamiya cement to see if it bonds these minis. It welds plastic parts together quite well. I've had good results with it on the plastic Ogre/GEV minis from Steve Jackson Games.
  8. I wasn't sure where to post this question, but I hope you all can help. I just got my core rulebook and a four-pack of CAVs. What kind of glue should I be using to assemble them? Super glue? Tamiya cement? Any help would be appreciated!
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