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  1. This is the kind of unit that is just BEGGING for a squad of light infantry in Centipedes. Nothing says "fringe but scrappy" like fatigues and hand portable LBGs.
  2. I want to say that vehicles, especially grav vehicles, look defensive enough since they can pop-up from behind 1" cover and have to be actually pushed out of positions (unless you want to set overwatch and shoot at them while they're up, with all that that implies). I want to say that CAVs with Rugged who are fast enough to position around cover should be able to break combat and recover enough to get back in play. I've theorycrafted plenty along those lines, but not been able to get the games in to confirm it or shoot it down.
  3. I want to get to use the campaign rules more, because I feel like that is part of the answer. If you know you're going to have, for instance, a best of 5 of the maps, and those are going to be using the same pool of models (which will partly repair) then it might encourage pushing your objectives over just hunting the enemy models. Then again, it might also encourage spending your whole pool on a heavy kill list to deplete the opponent's pool in match one. idk
  4. That's fantastic. I have my bases magnetized, but would never have considered also securing the CAVs to the base with them. I love that pattern on the Imperator, too. Great work all around.
  5. I took the paper ones on the downloads page, pulled them into paint, and printed them top-to-top against a mirrored copy of themselves, then cut them out and folded them into standing triangles. All paper, looks snazzy, easy to pick up because it isn't laying down.
  6. I'd say any of the ones whose feet fit onto pegs on the base instead of needing cut free, preferably in standing rather than walking poses. Off the top of my desk, Imperator (Rach), and Javelin / Dervish / Enforcer (Adon) fit that bill.
  7. If a model is in 1" of blocking cover, the rockets hit the cover instead of the model because they don't drop directly down. I know that's a point that CAVBoss had drilled into us previously, and I think that's still the explanation. I /think/ that the only things that modify the combat roll are crits, as you guessed, and salvo fire (so firing 4 rockets at a target could either roll 4 times looking for a 6, or once looking for a 3).
  8. Jon has since said that the task based free actions did not make the cut. Things like "I'm running 4 King Cobras. They're technically a recon squad, but basically TC2 Attack units that always get a free lock" were too much. I think that became the thing where APA and ECM get to stay on from one round to the next.
  9. Would be a great way to illustrate "Rat" infantry, too.
  10. The datacard stats are also in the Force Manager program, but that is as close to a database as I am aware. If there is an active database I would also be thrilled to know about it. For the vehicle (and I'm assuming CAV) images, the ones that don't have color data cards generally don't have known images, BUT: CAVBoss has a lot of art and modelling done for unreleased things. He wanted to transition to monthly releases more than a year ago, and was just able in August due to the complications in getting Dualcast started. Some of those were modelled on stream by Chris Lewis and are probably on youtube. If there is something that you are particularly curious about, CAVBoss has always been very approachable, you could send him a message asking if it has art. One other thing to note: The faction model list sheets will tell you if a model is a variant of another. This can be handy if what you're looking for is something like the Pilum, which we know is a Javelin with medium guns (and then find that the Kestral has medium guns that visually work with the chasis and are of the same faction).
  11. yes, please share. Black Knights especially have my interest. lol
  12. Will this have a submission site like last year? Or will you take submissions in another manner?
  13. How long is the Warden B? Compared to, say, a Commander2's grav emitters, for instance?
  14. I like how these are shaping up. Do you expect any more colors being brought in to accent?
  15. I also use magnets in my bases. When you talk about magnets not being expensive, it's worth highlighting that a pack of 6x2mm rare earths will run you like $10-$15 and be enough to secure dozens of CAVs.
  16. I have N-scale railroad buildings in my terrain. When I say that they're almost perfect, I mean that doorways will allow infantry through them, but they'd scrape against the doorframes.
  17. A lot of n-scale train scenery also "works" despite being officially 150:1 - 1:60:1. I have some Japanese n-scale that I use, and it's really close. I think the building in the pic below is officially considered 155:1, but it's close enough. If you are concerned about making scale work, I would highly suggest grabbing a pack of light infantry and using them as measuring sticks. The reason that CAV's scale is as consistent as it is is that CAVBoss and his artists actually care about scale. Hop in stream and ask him about the Ogre's cockpit and watch his face, lol. Edit: Your prints look great, btw. Those print lines are going to disappear and just be texture once you get them painted.
  18. Calling it functional enough to look at mounting on the wall, so here are update pics:
  19. This has taken FAR longer than it should have, but: I finally have the first coat of sealant on the board. It's hard to get pics, because of course it is, but... i'm happy with it.
  20. Makes me very interested in running light infantry with Laser Bolt Rifles. The increased accuracy at longer range should actually give a respectable threat range. You're still mostly hunting for chip damage, but you can still at least participate. And just by being able to operate, they add questions to the available pool, to borrow James's favored analogy. Tigers and Imperators are great, but they can't take a point that infantry decide to hold.
  21. I really like the model for the Dart. It's a nice utilitarian design for a light CAV, and it just looks clean to me. I don't know if you've ever tried to put Darts on the table, but... they're not really a good use of 123tv in most cases. They have 4 weapons, but with the Big Damage(tm) coming from light autocannons at 1/2, they aren't doing much in the way of heavy lifting. Hell, they need a margin of at least 3 to damage another Dart. So I got to thinking: what is something that the chasis could do without changing its overall look but still have a purpose worth bringing to the table? The result: the Atlatl. At 124tv they still fit almost anywhere, and overall the statline is very similar to the original Dart (albeit a little slower, but still with Double Time). The big change is in its role. Instead of being an Attack model, it's been repurposed as a light anti-air Recon unit: Light ACs with Shredder have a statline of 1/3, which isn't bad against the kind of soft armor values that most aircraft bring to play, and Full Auto makes hits very likely. ECM1 provides some more traditional Recon support in case there isn't a lot of enemy air support needing attention, and it's fast enough to be able to get it into position. I feel like this is distinct from the Arbalest, which also sits in the Open AA role because it can more readily make defensive use of Anti-Air's "return fire" portion. The Arbalest, being a missile platform has a longer maximum range, but has a minimum range window that Autocannons do not. Thoughts? CAV Atlatl.pdf
  22. Adon has the Highlander which brings ECM2 and Smoke on a Chieftain chasis. The official model isn't out, but it's a case of modding the turret. Also, remember that there is an external ECM module that can add ECM 0 to anything.
  23. At this point I'm past things that could save me work, lol.
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