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July '22 Paint Challenge


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July Paint Challenge:

The German's have unveiled their new "Panther" tank with a unique camo-paint scheme. I liked it so much I decided to post a challenge of sorts.

Between now and July 31st paint up any CAV model with your interpretation of this paint scheme and post the picture below. I will select the winner, allowing them to 1) pick which faction our version of this tank will belong too and 2) add a canon unit to that faction with their choice of names (this will of course have some limitations, but I will work with you) with their paint job as their official unit "colors."

This is a quick, off the cuff contest of sort so bear with me as it progresses! CB





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OK, looks like we three brave souls willing to throw their work out there and for that they should all rewarded! So, what I need from them is the name of a unit, the faction, and the "official" color scheme you want them to wear and we will "canonize" them into CAV lore. I will adjust names to fit their faction if needed so don't try to go to wild! CB

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