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More fun with flyers


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The Tsuiseki is a great looking model.  In the works in progress section, I posted some shots of another flyer I was testing out a painting method on.  I really enjoyed painting up that model with airbrush.  I also used that model to practice on, so I could do better with flyers in the future.  The Tsuiseki models below were painted in a similar way.  

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I am going to be painting up some more Terran models.  I haven’t totally decided the paint scheme for the ground units yet.  I do know that the new starhawk VII will be part of the group for now at least.  I have some simbas and a couple of their grav tanks to do as well.  They will be a basic sandy color with a brown and green Camo scheme.  Initial thoughts would be something with a bunch of lines for these models.  Probably won’t do much airbrush work, if any, as I want to use these models to see if I can do a decent Camo scheme without my airbrush.  So, for now at least probably not a good cohesive unit,  I will have to add more models to make them usable as a unit.  When I got the simbas I was thinking about the need to move infantry for multiple factions, so a more generic paint scheme is what I will be going for.  Who know maybe I will have enough time to get them done this week or maybe even next.

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