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Magnetic Display "Shelf"

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Ok, so I decided to put together a magnetic display for my Adon. I /think/ that it will look really cool, so I'm going to document the process here in case anyone else decides to go this route.

So for step one, I have a 20" x 30" White Frame Magnetic Dry Erase Board ($18, Target). Since the only parts of that that I care about are the size and the magnets, I poured a bottle of Reaper's Brush-On Grey Primer on it and roughly spread it out. I had a couple bottles from before I switched to Stynylrez, so I can do a second coat. I'm not concerned about a perfect coat, so I'm just tossing it on.


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Ok, second coat of grey down, so now it looks properly scarred and such. I've started mapping out where stuff will sit with graph paper, and am working on adapting the fonts that I'm going to need.

Commander2 for proof of concept:


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I'm not posting a pic of the board this time, because it's just the grey with blocks marked out in pencil. I'll cover the lines with another coat so they aren't visible on the final draft.

What I am posting is the font work. This is (pretty much) the Adonese for each of the CAVs on their list. If anyone wants to critique my handwriting, I'd welcome the input.


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Here are links to the four fonts for Adon, Rach, Ritter, and Malvern. These are script fonts so like what you would see in a book or other document. I'm happy with Adon and Rach, but the other two are not what I had in mind so they will be going back to drawing board.

https://talon-games.com/downloads/FONTS/Adon Regular.ttf

https://talon-games.com/downloads/FONTS/Rach Regular.ttf

https://talon-games.com/downloads/FONTS/Ritterlich Regular.ttf

https://talon-games.com/downloads/FONTS/Malvernis Regular.ttf

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