CAV: Strike Operations Errata

On this page you will find any current updates to the print edition of CAV: Strike Operations.

CAV: Strike Operations Core Rule Book Errata

CAVSO Rule Book

This PDF document brings the print edition of the game up to date with any recent rules or amends as of [7/30/2017]

[B&W Only Version]

Updated [12/31/2016]:
- Added Force Structure listings for Mortar Squads for all faction tactical briefings.
- Added additional Infantry Mortar clarifications.

Updated [7/30/2017]:
- Made misc changes to clarify existing wording.
- Clarified some rules when using one model/one card for initiative.
- Updated "The Draw Deck."
- Clarified Ranged Assault and the Target-Lock Action and B2B Contact.
- Updated "Defensive Fire."
- Updated "Close-Combat Assault Resolution" and "Close-Combat Assault:Break."
- Updated the Tactical Briefing for the Terrans.
- Updated "SA: Counter-Battery."