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  1. I heard a rumor that Jon was looking for suggestions on the first dual cast models to put out. In the chance that the rumor isn't just that, I'm interested in the Ursa, and variants, the Akula, and the Hind . . . 


    Followed by every other Almirithil modeled up by now. 😁

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  2. While I'm asking for cool stuff . . . Ok, it's all cool stuff . . . and not that I want everything NOW!! . . .Cuz, I don't . . . really . . . What? You don't believe me? . . . That's cuz you're smart! . . . 

    How far out is the Big Starhawk? :classic_cool:

  3. 4 hours ago, CAVBOSS said:

    Well I would like to say tomorrow but... we are getting closer. 85% of this process is all-new to us and the learning curve has been steeper than I would have wanted. Realistically I would put us late July at this point. Hang in there, the wait will be worth it I promise! CB

    I'm hang'n. I can wait! Really I can . . . 

    Also, take as long as it takes. I want all the new stuff, but I still have lots of other CAVs to paint! 🤣

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