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  2. Way back when I used to get a piece of light canvas from Joanns (or any other fabric store) and mix up a bucket of warm water with just enough paint in it to dye the fabric. Make sure its well soaked and then "wring" out before hanging up to dry. It drys with lots of light/dark spots that give it a very mottled look. After drying I would come back and use a sponge to daub on various other shades (darker greens and light browns) to enhance it even more. They always turned out pretty great and you can make them as long as the piece of fabric is you get.
  3. Right now we are looking at March of 2022. With everything slowly returning to normal we are ramping up for next year.
  4. Black Magic Craft put up a great video on the subject: https://youtu.be/K3ki1nzH5zQ Make sure to check it out!
  5. I went to the local JoAnn fabrics and got material in green or brown or grey and cut it to 4'x6' to make the play area and then used more material in different colors to make terrain cut outs for hills, forests and ponds so they'll show up better against the playmat when I was running Warmachine tournaments. Spent maybe $40 and an afternoon with a pair of scissors and a ruler. 4'x6 is about the smallest size I would use for CAV. 4' x 8' would probably be better.
  6. Is there an eta when the new books will be released
  7. Need help with a idea for a cheap battle mat and the size of it
  8. Just a quick note that there will be no CAV HQ Live! tonight due to the holiday. We will be back next week as we start work on the Rach OpFor and discuss a new scenario that we will be releasing that day. Happy Thanksgiving for all of our US players. Be safe! CB
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  10. It's out of hands for the moment. We are waiting for the master from one company and it will go to another for molding/production. I would in time for Christmas would be a long shot. 😞 Sorry!
  11. Sooooooooo . . . . . I saw the pic on Facebook and it looks awesome!. I saw that it needs to be rescaled a bit. Do you have any estimate for when it might be available? . ? . ? I think I need one for Christmas! ðŸĪŠ
  12. This has taken FAR longer than it should have, but: I finally have the first coat of sealant on the board. It's hard to get pics, because of course it is, but... i'm happy with it.
  13. Makes me very interested in running light infantry with Laser Bolt Rifles. The increased accuracy at longer range should actually give a respectable threat range. You're still mostly hunting for chip damage, but you can still at least participate. And just by being able to operate, they add questions to the available pool, to borrow James's favored analogy. Tigers and Imperators are great, but they can't take a point that infantry decide to hold.
  14. As a owner of infantry I find this information of great import and use. Cause I was having problems figuring out how they were supposed to damage anything but light tanks and cavs. Although I suppose they would keep the Banshees out of the back field.
  15. AN interesting question came up last night on the twitch stream about using infantry models with Salvo Fire. Can you do it? Yes. Infantry models in the same squad with the same weapon system (i.e., all automatic rifles) can combine their attack into a single role, adding a +1 for each additional model contributing to the attack. Obviously if the weapon system couldn't damage a certain type of model to begin with, all the pluses in the world won't help or change that fact! 🙂
  16. Cause you can't put decals on them right?
  17. I appreciate the input, I decided to go with this answer for the win. 🙂
  18. I shan't be able to attend tonight. I would like to say Jon is negotiating with Paramount to sell the movie or T.V. show rights to CAV to them. I would like to say he's negotiating with Orbit Books to sell the novelization rights to CAV to them. I would like to say he found a deal on a vehicle used in the filming of Rat Patrol and is joyriding through the Kansas fields. However, knowing the kind of luck he's had so far this year he's probably got a 7ft geyser of raw sewage in the factory or a satellite has fallen on his truck or that woman from the city who had him in front of a judge about the grass clippings managed to get him run out of town.
  19. Jon asked me to fill in for him Wednesday @ 8pm CST. I'm working on my all tanks force. Join me as we speculate WILDLY about what Jon is doing that keeps him away from the show. I'm giving away a 3D printed Cobra to the person whose story I like the best. Possibly, there will be other prizes as the muse hits me. Come hang out and hobby with me! https://www.twitch.tv/talongamesonline
  20. I really like the model for the Dart. It's a nice utilitarian design for a light CAV, and it just looks clean to me. I don't know if you've ever tried to put Darts on the table, but... they're not really a good use of 123tv in most cases. They have 4 weapons, but with the Big Damage(tm) coming from light autocannons at 1/2, they aren't doing much in the way of heavy lifting. Hell, they need a margin of at least 3 to damage another Dart. So I got to thinking: what is something that the chasis could do without changing its overall look but still have a purpose worth bringing to the table? The result: the Atlatl. At 124tv they still fit almost anywhere, and overall the statline is very similar to the original Dart (albeit a little slower, but still with Double Time). The big change is in its role. Instead of being an Attack model, it's been repurposed as a light anti-air Recon unit: Light ACs with Shredder have a statline of 1/3, which isn't bad against the kind of soft armor values that most aircraft bring to play, and Full Auto makes hits very likely. ECM1 provides some more traditional Recon support in case there isn't a lot of enemy air support needing attention, and it's fast enough to be able to get it into position. I feel like this is distinct from the Arbalest, which also sits in the Open AA role because it can more readily make defensive use of Anti-Air's "return fire" portion. The Arbalest, being a missile platform has a longer maximum range, but has a minimum range window that Autocannons do not. Thoughts? CAV Atlatl.pdf
  21. Ah, the subtle difference in spelling threw me off.
  22. Also, the Black Mambas bring EST not APA. So, only 4 sources of APA.
  23. Point blank annihilations. The hard counter to everything.
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