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  3. No game related reason to not glue them in. As @Syagrius said it can make painting easier - depends on your style. :)
  4. Quick update. The back wall is now completed. Last pict with a couple models in to help show scale. Now onto the painting and some additional details.
  5. I have been able to make fair progress on this project. Below is a progress shot of the side wall. The side wall done. Then a shot of the main deck/floor done, together with the side wall. Now onto the back wall. Probably also time to start thinking about the paint scheme.
  6. Good question! It can not stay in black primer forever, that is for sure. I need to make up my mind on the paint scheme for it. I have lots of ideas kicking around, but nothing solid yet. It will probably get a Camo scheme of some sort as I have wanted to try out that sort of scheme on a large model.
  7. Excellent advice, I had not considered that. Thank you!
  8. Hey, I've seen that picture before... 😄 How long before you paint up that Starhawk?
  9. Sometimes if you don't glue them, they fall off over time as the pieces "wear in" -- that said, it is often easier to paint custom designs if certain things aren't glued on until later.
  10. Basically, what the title says 🙂 I've got some CAV models, and I really want to paint them, but am not sure if it's usual practice to affix the posable aspects, or if there is a game-related reason to leave them be? Anyways, any input is appreciated, thanks in advance! Azm0
  11. This is a project I have been thinking about for a while now. The large scale mechs need some terrain to go with them. This thread will house the work in progress shots.
  12. I've included a preview of the new initiative system for you to try out and let me know what you think! NEW INIT DECK Beta.pdf
  13. Ok, now I want to see scale icicles 😄
  14. Thanks syagrius! I did think about adding some ice and icicles dripping off them, but changed my mind. They are not on a totally frozen world. Or maybe more like a world in spring time, something like that, we’re it still snows, but can also be warmish and green at times.
  15. That's a nice paint job - almost looks like they were left out to freeze 😄
  16. For this post I will show a winter Camo scheme I have tried out on a few models.
  17. I'm probably going to leave it on the plastic base, otherwise I'd have to chop it off 😄
  18. Nice looking so far! Looking forward to the finished pictures. What do you have in mind for the base?
  19. I showed this one on the Talon Facebook page a week or so ago. No progress as work has kept me from being able to hobby much. Probably about 80% done.
  20. A long time ago when the CAV models were pewter. The game rules were also a bit different. This group of CAV’s was intended to be mercenary in nature even then. Never purchased in any specific order or anything, more like the rule of cool, plus what was available. The paint job was started probably 15 years or more ago. The models got shelved for a long time in their half finished state. Until recently when The Dirty Dozen resurfaced to find themselves hired and pressed into service once again. This ramshackle group was pulled together from many races and factions, most of them not believing in the line of politics or governmental boundaries. Now they sell their services to the highest bidder and fight for credits and glory.
  21. Nice thing is you can keep stacking them to infinity! 😉
  22. I personally like the bigger ones - they can provide cover/concealment.
  23. Purple crystals - the little ones I have in Lego, so I just poured a mold of a few and started casting. The bigger ones are from one of the Hirst molds. Paint is a silver base, purple over that to make it semi-iridescent, and a *very* light drybrush (silver again, I think) over that. Oh, the crystal "crumbs" and in the box are those melty plastic things for suncatchers. That is a 2012 project on a full-sized CD - the intent was to be a dilithium asteroid (Star Trek).
  24. Through the week I was able to get some more pictures taken and more stuff for this completed. Here are a few shots of the bigger ones, still not sure if they are too big for CAV or not? We will see if I use them in CAV games or if players don’t like them?
  25. Syagrius…. The projects look great, I really like the purple crystals, consider that one stolen… thanks in advance 🙂. I believe they will look great on CAV bases. Now to make a custom mold so I can make a bunch…. Mmm? Maybe some planning is needed? The Star fortress molds are the mech terrain molds I am talking about. I have cast and more or less built the set. Painting is in progress at this point. Very nice set of terrain, imo.
  26. That project was the first one I finished after I lost my wife. I started it with her 16 years ago (though it sat in a box for 9 of those years). I usually build on CDs (and a mini-cd for a ruin in a swamp). The nice thing about small builds is they can become battlefield scatter - cover or concealment. I'm eyeballing the star fortress molds ( https://hirstarts.com/starfort/starfort.html ) - though 3-d printing city-type buildings is probably a good way to go and a good "excuse" for a printer. Made my hobby album on facebook public - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1180903892870 -- there's a few builds and various other things.
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