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  2. I will get back on them after the first. Ive been under the weather for a bit and hopefully on the mend.
  3. Have been visiting the section for the newer data cards: https://www.talon-games.com/datacards/ I was hoping someone knew when they will be completed? I have the 3rd Kickstarter CAV models and want to have all the nice new shiny data cards for them please. 🙂
  4. Not even slang word. If you look at the inserts in the old book that talk about the tech specs for CAVs, the Breeder is the fusion generator's official name.
  5. Yeah, found it through the book and was wondering if it is an in-universe slang word for something?
  6. During our first 'Channel Update' video I talk for a few minutes about where our group is up to with selecting and painting the two demo game squads. Selection was made based on a number of factors from 'that looks cool' to 'how much damage can it do!?'. Sadly, no Duelists yet which The Red Baron has sold me on. Ah well... For the first games I think we will find out soon enough what strategies and future CAV units will help expand both forces moving forward. Force 1 2x Butcher 2x Starhawk V Force 2 2x Obake 2x Crusader Anyway, it starts at 11:45 min mark if you wish to skip straight to it. 🙂
  7. All good mate. I suspect the change may have something to do with feedback over the years? After thinking about both rules I like the idea of it being squad based rather than army wide. The Active Phase Array 2 with 30" range is good, even though you can get some pretty large playing areas based on the actual longer weapon ranges. Looking forward to finding out how it plays. I am going to sit down with my gaming group and see if we can come up with two opposing squads from my Strike Ops III 3rd Kickstarter collection to try and make a fun game of it rather than to win. The group was interested in doing some YouTube videos of our journey so hopefully that proves entertaining. Anyone who wants to chime in on this with game and unit suggestions/tips to help us until then please do so here. 🙂
  8. "...any friendly model in their squad." You're right. I get caught by the differences in the Strike Operations and Armoured Might rules. 😇
  9. Hmmm... On page 40 of Armored Might 1.5v pdf for Active Phase Array is says: 'Requiring a Special Action to activate each turn, SA: APA-equipped models provide this enhanced targeting data to any friendly model in their squad.' Has this been updated to include the entire force now? Good advice about the squad sizes, I will keep that in mind. I have no doubt that the tournament scene brings out some rather spicy force lists. I enjoy tournaments because I always learn something new about force building and strategy. Something I would love to build up here in Perth, Australia. A good screening unit for IDF squads could be the Crusader? The miniature looks pretty cool so I had a peek at the stats and this looks like it can hit pretty hard, although with an almost certain weapon cool down afterwards. Had a look at the Outlaw as you suggested and am reminded once again that I regret not backing the vehicles too, although in my defense at the time I was more excited by CAV miniatures. With armour of 3 it is very brittle, but those abilities and weapons have some range to them which is nice. I could find room to have one or twelve in my collection considering you do get a pair per blister. But, how viable is an all vehicle force, assuming a standard playing field of some hills and woods, etc?
  10. A Recon squad has one unique ability that can be very impactful. The Recon squad can once per turn decide to put a just revealed initiative card on the bottom of the deck forcing the players to draw another. This can let you influence the tempo of the game. Sometime going first is great other times you don't want to go first. They are used in tournament play for sure. [It just occurred to me that @CAVBOSS worked on an newer initiative system. I can't recall if he ever made it official so take the above with a grain of salt.] Fyi, the effect of APA is force wide so long as the models are in it's range. Recon units are rarely powerful enough to get into the middle of the fight but they are good at sniping wounded models and making indirect fire units unhappy. I picked 3 Duelists because they are expensive in bulk. That squad is a little over 2000 points and has some flaws - see the CONs section. Tournament games are 4500 - 5000 points normally. Casual games whatever you want to play but rarely much more than the tournament games in my experience. About having the largest squads... Having more squads allows you more opportunities in the initiative system so sometimes volume is good. One of my favorite things about CAV is that there are a lot of ways to build and play a force. The Haunt is a great looking model and perfectly fine in a force with a plan to use it. That said indirect fire (IDF) models are, imo, hard to build a force around. They are great supplements but their flaws are exploitable. You'll want a good screening force for sure. Problem with me giving this kind of advice is that the scenarios you'll find yourself in are all over the place. When it comes to IDF the very best have both SA: Chain Fire Pod and SA: Fire Control System - the cream of the crop also include SA: Counter-Battery. 🙂 Take a look at the Outlaw an IDF tank and work your way through what it's Special Abilities do. Happy to help!
  11. That is great The Red Baron, such a great amount of info to use, thank you. Recon style units seem to be very popular, but I cannot see a reason to place them all in one unit due to the fact that their sharing abilities are only squad based and not army wide. But, the Active Phase Array is very good. Good enough to boost a full recon squad? Not so sure, but I am only going on paper stats for the moment. Do you field full recon units? Only 3 Duelists? Is it not best to have the largest squads as possible to activate and maximize options? Also, I am a sucker for a good quad and love the look of the Haunt. The non-coloured stat card lists it at just under 600 points. Do you feel this is a good unit for the points? There are quite a few rockets mounted on it. 🙂
  12. Let's make an attack squad. You'll want 1 Recon unit with the SA: EST. This can be the Spartan or the Shadow. I'd take the Shadow but either will work. Role: move, hide and give your squad mates EST or APA2 as needed. Pros APA2 makes squad mates hit extra hard. EST allows them to TARGET LOCK for free SA: Chameleon makes you harder to hit at LONG+ ranges SA Superior Mobility lets you get to those hiding spots faster Cons You are a high priority target! Your weapons have a huge minimum range. No SA: ECM to fight against enemy ECM. After that you'll take anywhere from 3-5 models with the attack role depending on how many points you want to spend - we'll go fewer points. Personally, I'd take 3 Duelists. Role: Shoot stuff early and often, roll crits, do so from cover if possible. Pros They are very versatile - with their 6 light MACs they can customize their fire to suit the target. Take 6 separate shots when facing a model with low/damaged armor. SALVO them together when you need to punch through armor or hit something buried in cover. They crit on an 11 or 12 rather than the standard 12. You have 6 shots to fish for crits. 🙂 Cons Their defenses are very 'mid' and they will go down after a few hard hits. Their offense is very dice dependent. If your dice are even a little above average they are great below and they are a little impotent. They CANNOT damage soft targets at all in anyway. Their weapons have an 8" min range. This squad is a bit of a glass cannon. They want to go first and they don't like being shot at. Use terrain to limit your enemies ability to shoot you and enhance your ability to shoot them. They do not like enemy models that can 'rush' them and do damage. They hate soft targets - aircraft are their bane. The really advanced player will use the Shadow as bait to feed enemy models to the Duelists. It is very high risk so caveat emptor. 🙂 Happy to answer questions if you have any.
  13. I backed the Strike Ops III 3rd Kickstarter and have all the CAV's from that. I was hoping to get some feedback from those in the know about some good squad combinations that can be made with them? The more info about the choices (abilities, synergies, etc.) to explain would b e very helpful. I know the updated colour cards are being done in #sku order so they will be last to appear (I am enjoying the new look colour cards).
  14. I use Vallejo primer or Stylenrz, acrylic primer. Sprays don't seem to work with soft plastic minis. If yours are tacky you can prime them with an acrylic or hit with a flat or semi gloss acrylic sealer.
  15. Having read the Armored Might Quick-Start Rules and played a few games with them I was wondering how many here use this version to introduce new players?
  16. These are great. I have some but have yet to paint them up.
  17. Yes, that is great. Just going through the demo and Armored Might pdf rules so will probably find more questions as I go.
  18. Once declared Stationary the model will remain so until the start of its next activation. Any enemy model conducting a Combat Roll (not a Strike-Point) would receive a (-2) to its target point number during that period. Hope that helps.
  19. How long is a unit considered 'Stationary' as a model state please? If there is an example of how an opponent could benefit from it too that would be helpful.
  20. Quad CAVs also get the benefit of a better Pilot Check Roll, they get an extra Hard Point during construction, and can mount turrets.
  21. Was just wondering what the benefits are of a quad CAV as far as rules go?
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