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  2. In CAV that is a Titanic building. 🤩 I'd say if the LoS passes through a window or broken edge then give cover but otherwise it'd be blocking terrain.
  3. Yeah, I'll lock my pliers onto the paperclip to hold it while I airbrush them. Should be working in these during next Monday's stream.
  4. Babylon 5 Battlestar Galactica (Either/or) Deep Space 9 Firefly Cowboy Bebop
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  6. Painesville, Ohio Local Game Club (Shieldwall Gaming Club) is in Willoughby, Ohio.
  7. I always hear the ground crew yelling at the pilot in the picture in my head. "JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!"
  8. Working on the Administratum Decimus from TTCombat that I got when it went on sale. So far I have brushed on a thin coat of white Stynylrez and then washed it with Misty Grey. Plans from here are to go with some darker grey drybrushing to get a marbled look. I've got some eggshells that I intend to crush as debris. I feel like the shards should give good flat "broken cobbles" vibes and take further drybrushing well. Rules question: this is almost 6in tall. When I've put it on the table before, we've played it as Heavy Cover for -2. It being open and not having interior wa
  9. I see the return of the barbed wire. I like em.
  10. Space Above & Beyond! I gotta re-watch that one! Mando is awesome.
  11. A card tied to a unit/squad can also represent poorer command and control capabilities. It forces the player to activate something at a certain time, rather than giving them the choice of what to activate.
  12. In no particular order, that's just to hard... 🙂 Battlestar Galactia (Original) : I like the redo but the ending killed it for me. Love Death & Robots Space Above & Beyond The Mandalorian Outer Limits (both versions)
  13. For multiple forces you can switch to suite, allowing the deck to control up to 4 "sides." For larger games you can always go to numbers i.e. team 1 uses the four aces and so on. For multiple players all in one group, either allow them to pick an overall commander or assign a specific card to that player/squad. When it flips they move. This option adds an additional spin to using recon abilities.
  14. We continue to grind away at getting our first JoR out the door. The new book is 100% color and hard-back and is just taking longer than expected getting all that art together. We are getting close on Vol 1. Here is a preview of the new cover art for it...
  15. Mine are ... Firefly The Expanse ST:TNG BattleStar Galactica (04'-09') Stranger Things Almost made it mentions are: Babylon 5 (only on season 2 right now, actively watching), Deep Space 9, Quantum Leap, the X-Files, and I'm sure something I've forgotten.
  16. Badger Drop Ship 7 And so it began, shortly after CAV CON 2021 ... 6 hours of assembly. It was super fun, but I love assembling things. I'm keeping the four "pods" and main hull in separate pieces, as well as keeping some of the front screens detached to allow access to internals of cockpit. Being in parts helps with painting and the cockpit access allows for lighting and windshield fun. Primed in base colors ... Some customization of the sensor radar on the nose, using some of the detailing card provided in the kit as well as button from the
  17. For con games I tend to limit player choices just to keep stuff moving along, I'd go with assigning the cards. I ran a Warmaster demo where I allowed people to deploy their armies, it took the better part of an hour. Set things up, and let people move and blow stuff up as quickly as possible.
  18. Hoping to finally run some multi-player team scenario games at a couple regional cons this year. When there are multiple players on a side (each controlling one or more squads), what are the thoughts on governing activation? I was thinking of designating a specific card in the deck to each squad, then when it's drawn that squad's player can choose to activate or pass - ideally in consultation with a designated team leader and teammates. Or do you leave it as red/black and let the team decide who's going to activate?
  19. I haven't been able to catch many of the streams, so I apologize if this has been covered there, but what's the status or plans for new Journals of Recognition?
  20. Well, that Player Finder worked! Dave, I'm in Falmouth, MA - about an hour and a half from you!
  21. 4x Sovereign 3 😁 I'm going to air brush them in pieces for once and assemble them afterwards.
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