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  1. I think that is an awesome idea!
  2. We are working on a new CP program for online and as soon as possible I will post link to the database for it.
  3. I'm currently working on a scenario generator for CAV and want to get some feedback on total Threat Value sizes. Take a look and let me know what you think. Starting Threat Values Players should agree upon an approximate number of squads and an average TV amount per model to determine the number of Threat Value points available to each Force Group. Keep in mind that the larger the average size of models, the "heavier" (total Damage Tracks) a Force Group will be. The following table can help players gauge the force size they wish to use. The table uses an average squad size of five models. Force Group Size (CAVs only) One Model One Squad Extra-Small 100 500 Small 200 1000 Medium 400 2000 Large 600 3000 Extra-Large 800 4000 Force Group Size (Vehicles only) Extra-Small 100 500 Small 150 750 Medium 250 1250 Large 350 1750 Extra-Large 450 2250 Force Group Size (CAV and Vehicles) Extra-Small 100 500 Small 175 875 Medium 325 1625 Large 425 2125 Extra-Large 625 3125 Note: While this table refers to CAVs and vehicles only, the final number of Threat Value points also encompasses the inclusion of aircraft and infantry. Example: Using the above table, both players decide they want to play a game with at least three squads of medium-sized CAVs and vehicles to a side, allowing each of them a starting Threat Value Pool of 4875 points.
  4. Need a faction logo for a special project? Here you go! Faction Logos (EPS CMYK Vector) and (TIF CMYK RASTER with transparent background): https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/AdonCrest.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/AlmirithilCrest.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/AlmirithilTactical.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/MalvernisCrest.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/MalvernisTactical.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/NADOCrest.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/NADOTactical.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/RachCrest.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/RachTactical.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/RachTacticalRed.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/RitterCrest.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/RitterTactical.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/TemplarCrest.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/TemplarTactical.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/TerranCrest.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/TerranMarineTactical.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/TerranTactical.eps https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/AdonCrest.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/AlmirithilCrest.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/AlmirithilTactical.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/MalvernisCrest.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/MalvernisTactical.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/NADOCrest.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/NADOTactical.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/RachCrest.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/RachTactical.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/RachTacticalRed.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/RitterCrest.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/RitterTactical.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/TemplarCrest.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/TemplarTactical.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/TerranCrest.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/TerranMarineTactical.tif https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/LOGOS/TerranTactical.tif
  5. Yeah...weighs in at 30 tons as opposed to an 80 ton M1.
  6. I will see if I can find a copy of it to test.
  7. Im assuming its a browser issue as I just looked at it (Im using Edge) and it was fine. I checked on my phone (it uses Chrome I believe) and it was ok there too. Which browser are you using?
  8. I agree with everything he said...but they still look cool!
  9. Added your location to player map and contact info for you in these forums. Thanks!
  10. 72507 Starhawk VII LE Resin Model Kit ($79.99) https://talon.games/collections/cav-strike-ops-resin-model-kits/products/72507-starhawk-vii-resin-model-kit 72328 Starhawk VII CAV Miniature ($7.99) https://talon.games/collections/cav-strike-ops-miniatures-plastic/products/72328-starhawk-vii 72329 Hound Recon Wheeled Vehicles (x2) ($6.99) https://talon.games/collections/cav-strike-ops-miniatures-plastic/products/72329-hound 72330 Armada Tracked Tanks (x2) ($6.99) https://talon.games/collections/cav-strike-ops-miniatures-plastic/products/72330-armada
  11. The CAV-CON Virtual Painting Contest runs from now till end of Sept.
  12. With CAV-CON '22 coming up we are once again sponsoring CAV-based categories in conjunction with Reaper's Master Paint Open. With that in mind we know everyone can't make it to the show so we will also be offering a virtual show as well running until Sept 30, 2022! To enter simply submit your entries below and make sure to note the category in the subject line please. Enter as many as you want but we will only judge the one (in each category) that we feel is your best work. Categories include: Best Single CAV Model (Armor/Ordnance) Best CAV Squad (Armor/Ordnance) Best CAV Diorama (Diorama) There is a trophy for 1st place in each category (the coveted Gold Dictator!) with medallions for 2nd and 3rd. We will also be providing a $50, $25, and $10 gift certificate in each category as well. SO fire up those brushes!
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