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  1. In no particular order, that's just to hard... 🙂 Battlestar Galactia (Original) : I like the redo but the ending killed it for me. Love Death & Robots Space Above & Beyond The Mandalorian Outer Limits (both versions)
  2. For multiple forces you can switch to suite, allowing the deck to control up to 4 "sides." For larger games you can always go to numbers i.e. team 1 uses the four aces and so on. For multiple players all in one group, either allow them to pick an overall commander or assign a specific card to that player/squad. When it flips they move. This option adds an additional spin to using recon abilities.
  3. We continue to grind away at getting our first JoR out the door. The new book is 100% color and hard-back and is just taking longer than expected getting all that art together. We are getting close on Vol 1. Here is a preview of the new cover art for it...
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