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  1. Borderwars '22, May 20-22, Kansas City, Missouri www.hahmgs.org/BW2022.html We will be attending the show as a vendor and have the new Assault on New Memphis board set up! We will be running short demos each day and have a full game both Friday and Saturday evening. Scenario Info https://talon-games.com/downloads/SCENARIO/DROPPING_THE_HAMMER.pdf We hope to see you there! CB
  2. The starter squads are a Specialist Squad. Anything up to four models can go in this type of squad regardless of role (so you could put four aircraft in it for example). A model with the SA: Specialist must always go in a Specialist Squad.
  3. Hi Charles, No progress on having printed cards yet. The rules update is a pdf supplement to the rule book. It will tweak a few things, add some clarifications and add some new rules to try out.
  4. Starting in May we have so new models for you! 72321 Despot B (x2) SRP $6.99 72322 Warden B (x2) SRP $6.99 72323 Ryoshi-Ni (x2) SRP $6.99 72324 Cobra SRP SRP $5.99 72325 King Cobra SRP $6.99 72326 Spatha (x2) SRP $6.99
  5. Here is a quick write-up of the scenario I used at Little Wars 2022 with some "in progress" pictures from the show! https://talon-games.com/downloads/SCENARIO/DROPPING_THE_HAMMER.pdf
  6. It is. We are still waiting on all of the parts to come in from the 3d printer we are using. I know its getting closer as I have seen some of the final parts...
  7. A good place to look is Kickstarter. Either a current campaign or a previous one (they usually put up links to their store with the files afterwards). I just scale them to what I want. Also here are some freebies we have: https://www.talon-games.com/downloads/STL/index.html Should scale them 150-160% for CAV scale.
  8. Current convention schedule for 2022... GhengisCon, Feb 25-27 Aurora, CO AdeptiCon, Mar 23-27 Schaumburg IL Little Wars, Apr 21-24 Lisle IL Border Wars, May 20-22 Kansas City MO Origins, June 8-12 Columbus OH Virtual CAV-Con, July (TBA) Twisted Lords Con, July 22-24, Midwest City, OK NashCon, Aug 19-21 Nashville TN (Tentative) ReaperCon (CAV-Con), Sep 1-4 Denton TX October MillenniumCon, Nov 10-13, Round Rock TX If you are interested in helping out to run any events, or need support for an event you are already planning, please let me know ASAP! cavboss(at)talon-games(dot)com
  9. N Scale is the closest you will get (its 12mm as compared to the games 10mm scale). We use a 1/180th for our scale that works out to one-inch equaling 15feet. Doorways should be about 15mm/9/16ths inch. I use mainly 2" tall trees. Also anything scaled for printing 3d for BT run at 150-160 percent and you should be fine.
  10. https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2022/02/06/mit-new-material-stronger-than-steel/6684075001/
  11. Paging Zefram Cochrane: Humans have figured out how to make a warp bubble - TechRepublic
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