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  1. I will get back on them after the first. Ive been under the weather for a bit and hopefully on the mend.
  2. Once declared Stationary the model will remain so until the start of its next activation. Any enemy model conducting a Combat Roll (not a Strike-Point) would receive a (-2) to its target point number during that period. Hope that helps.
  3. Quad CAVs also get the benefit of a better Pilot Check Roll, they get an extra Hard Point during construction, and can mount turrets.
  4. I think I'm going towards the second system using the syllables of each name with the numbers Kane suggested. Using the manufacturer name does create problems down the road.
  5. So, with all the CAVs and vehicles in CAV being "human" now I wanted to set up a common set of letters and numbers to designate everything with to give it a more "military" feel by manufacturer or by model. My examples here are working off Northern Alliance Robotics. They manufacture the following CAVs: ARCHER, FIREFLY, GNOMIC, RAPTOR, SHRIKE (RAPTOR), & SILVERBACK The Shrike while based on the Raptor chassis is not a variant. My initial thoughts are using the name of the model with a number in the order they were released by the manufacturer, either using the first three letters or the first letter of each syllable. This would result in: ARC-1 Archer or AC-1 Archer If I go by manufacturer, then it would be NAR-1 Archer. True variants would add a "block" letter after the number for the variant. Example: ARC-1A Archer In the case of the Raptor & Shrike it would be: RAP-4 Raptor or RT-4 or NAR-4 with the Shrike being RAP-5 Shrike (or RT-5/NAR-5) as it is based on the Raptor chassis but is a new version more than a variant. Thoughts or suggestions?
  6. Companycmd, Post up an infantry only scenario if you can. I would love to see how you think one would go.
  7. Hi Dan, There is: A regular everyday CAV pusher has a EXP of "7." You can use this table to get those numbers and how they degrade here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rGm1snOTKHsbLgFEDNTYiQ37FQ9Q5wa7Lqoq_-SjqVU/edit?usp=sharing Pilot checks apply to CAVs only.
  8. Do we have the player base and player engagement that BT has? No. Are we a successful game company? That is the harder question to define. Talon Games has been in business since 1996. We produced our first game Cry HAVIC back then and it was considered a "success" in the industry. We have had numerous projects since and released CAV SO in 2015 and did three successful KSs for it. Covid hit in 2020 and threw us and everyone else on our ass and it has been basically start over since. I run Talon Games full time and employ two full time employees and several contract workers. There is a bunch of other "metrics" I could list but they are more industry gobbly gook and gets boring quick but the easy amswer is CAV is not BT and never will. There will never be another mech game at the level of BT and thats just the state of the game industry and how it works these days. Smaller companies cannot get in the distribution side of things these days and without that stores wont hardly touch you. We have things we need to do better and we are working on it but CAV is a long ways from being dead!
  9. We have no plans to offer 3d files of CAVs as a whole. We do plan on releasing some arms and weapons to make variants but that's as far as we plan on going down the rabbit hole.
  10. I've included a preview of the new initiative system for you to try out and let me know what you think! NEW INIT DECK Beta.pdf
  11. New video up from Rob's Tabletop World! Grab a seat and paint a few CAVs with your old pal Rob! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc37roN88FU
  12. Just a quick announcement. If you currently have an order with us (Talon Games) and it contains one or more of the new releases and you have not received it yet, please be aware that the demand for these have far exceeded what we normally see in the first couple of weeks. We are trying to get caught up so hang in there. Your patience is very much appreciated. CB
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