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    • Very nice. Poltergeists are on the To Purchase list along with some Razors. Did you find the APA to be useful? I've got 3 Shadows but haven't seemed to get the knack yet. They tend to explode on me.
    • Good times had by all. I have to admit I was very skeptical of my dice, which made it difficult for me to decide targets. I knew those poltergeist where going to be a problem and I felt I had nothing to hit them. Again...dice🤬🤬🤬
    • So we haven't played in a long while as a group.  Got together once in July but due to schedules, work, commitments ect, it just hasn't happened!  That changed last night as several of us were able to get together to play at Texas Toy Soldier in Carrollton TX (DFW.). We had four 3k forces divided into two teams of 6k each.  Myself and young Brandon commanded a Malvernis force while Micheal, @Smaug, and @geoffj commanded a mercenary/Terran/Space Egyptian force. Malvernis: My Force Attack: 4x Poltergeist Nomad Specialist 2x Shadows Ghost Brandon's Force Attack: 2x Poltergeist 2x Hunter Recon: 2x Shadow 2x Nomad Specialist: 2x Banshee Merc/Terran/Anubis Guards Michael's Force Attack: Butcher A Dictator A Gladiator II Imperator Recon: 2x Cougar 2x Spartan Terran/Anubis Guard Attack: Starhawk VII Falcon Nightshade Anhur Recon: 3x Talon Serket   So we set up, us having five cards and them having four.  While they had two recon flips, it never really came up to be a big disadvantage for us.  I think having an extra card balanced it out.  Anyway, turn one almost all of our stuff raced forward except for our tanks who moved up and took shots at the Serket.  Between the six Poltergeist we took the CAV down.  In return, the mercenaries fired at one of my Shadows for two damage, and my Ghost took a damage from the Falcon.  Smaug would pick on that Ghost with a special hatred for the rest of the game. Turn two saw more of the same and the ECM war kick off.  We were able to use our Nomads to gain supremacy for most of the turn, allowing our Shadow's APA to help out.  My Poltergeist's put a few points of damage on Smaug's Falcon and young Brandon's Poltergeists combined with some of mine to take one of Geoff's Talon's down to it's last track, which my Ghost cleaned up and killed with it's LLBG's.  Smaug paid him back and added three damage, a Suppression token, and Knock-Down state to the Ghost. Michael mauled one of my Shadows and damaged the other.  Young Brandon's Banshees raced into the face of the Anubis Guard formation and did some damage to the Falcon. To end the turn, Michael's recon squad regained electronic superiority as we moved into the third and final round. (forgot to photograph that turn, sorry!) On the final turn, there was a little more "going for broke" and so Michael used his recon squad to target my last Shadow and did three damage to it while Smaug and Geoff rushed forward and mostly killed the two Banshee's.  The Banshee's and Ghost sucked up a lot of fire that let the Poltergeists really assert themselves so it was a good trade.  Micheal's attack squad finished off my mauled Shadow and took some fire from young Brandon's Hunters.  Via card manipulation on both teams parts, four of our sections went last and we avalanched the Anubis Guards, killing the Falcon and Nightshade while putting seven damage on the Starhawk VII.  probably could have been eight or nine as we forgot he'd stood still and was Stationary, but thats why we play the game.   Final thoughts: The final turn had some "final turn play," though I'm mostly confident the six Poltergeists could take on the remaining CAVs and be successful.  Nothing is assured with dice, but they are pretty stout tanks!  The only thing that came up was CAV's blocking line of site to targets, so watch out for that!  
    • Adon has the Highlander which brings ECM2 and Smoke on a Chieftain chasis. The official model isn't out, but it's a case of modding the turret. Also, remember that there is an external ECM module that can add ECM 0 to anything.
    • Things learned today. 1. Again it's a numbers game. The side with more squads gets more cards in the initiative deck and more opportunities to react to and counter enemy moves. Absolutely. This is designed to give forces with more flexible builds (more squads) to have a greater effect on game play while also discouraging points heavy squads. 2. If one side brings a recon squad and the other doesn't, the side that doesn't is at a severe disadvantage. Between ECM not allowing target locks making long range fire inaccurate and preventing the use of Guided Missiles and the Recon Squad ability to move flipped initiative cards to the bottom of the deck that weakly armed, poorly armored squad can cause problems way out of proportion to the points spent. Correct. Have more reconnaissance is always a good thing during a fight. If you know what the enemy is doing and he has no idea what you are then you are going to have an advantage. The expanded initiative deck will lessen this a bit as it will add more cards that will help, especially in smaller games like this. 3. Overdriven PBG's hurt like hell. Keep them away from you or kill them on the other side of the table. Yeah if you let them close the range and get good numbers to hit they can really tear holes. 4. Fire Support Models need Target Locks, and LOS (if possible) in order to use Rockets effectively. The idea of raining Hellfire down on your enemy from a safe distance away is a nice one but in practice without Target Locks the penalties to Long or Extreme range bombardments are too high. I don't think a single IF salvo fired today landed on target. All damage done was from scattered shots. Trying to rain hellfire with models not specially designed with that idea in mind is hard. Building a force group with that in mind can make a big difference in how effective they are. Most models have rockets for more of a harassing effect. The game is weighted towards direct fire to keep the rocket duels to a minimum and keep the models moving about. The extreme range mod can be overcome with a model with wizzo, a target lock, and 2 models with FCS. In the rules update fire support models will get some help with this. Great tactic is to have a recon model (equipped with rockets) with fire support models, all of them using CFPs. The recon model can lock up the spot and on a successful strike point transfer that to all the others hiding behind a hill. Ouch! 5. Hover tanks skimming over water look cool. Hover tanks skimming over water and then destroying Super Heavy CAV's in 1 turn look REALLY Cool. !!! P.S. CAVBoss if you're reading this every faction needs to have models for it's Recon Vehicles. They are too damn useful not to use and by my count Malvernis, Ritterlich and Almirithil have none and Adon has the Dragonfly aircraft which is nice and all but it doesn't have ECM. I've said in the past that if people will tell me where there are holes in model types I can look at filling them in! SO make a list!!!
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