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  1. Talon Games Discussion

    1. News

      What's happening? Company and Industry Information! Important Stuff!

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    2. General Info & FAQs

      A discussion area for all things Talon! Have an idea for a new figure you would like to see? Have a general question regarding a company policy? Go for it!

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    3. Our Product Lines

      Questions & Discussions about our various product lines.

    4. CAV-CON

      Questions & Discussions about our yearly show featuring all things CAV!

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    5. Upcoming Convention & Retail Events

      Find out where the CAV crew will show up next! Need help with an event or want to tell us about one we should head too? Let's talk!

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  2. Talon Games Social

    1. Exchanges & Contests

      A place for upcoming and current exchanges as well as contests!

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    2. Streaming

      Questions & Discussions for our weekly streaming shows. Want us to cover something or looking to promote your own stream featuring a Talon Games product? Here you go!

    3. Socializing

      A place to be social! Discuss getting together for a game, meeting up at a convention, or setting up a paint club here!

  3. CAV: Strike Operations

    1. CAV: Strike Operations HQ

      General questions about CAVSO, product releases, questions about upcoming stuff, or other non rules-related CAV topics.

    2. CAV: Strike Operations Player Finder

      Looking for someone or somewhere to play CAV? Shout out and be heard!

    3. CAV: Strike Operations Rules Discussion

      Whether its a clarification on a rule, something you would like to see for the future, or you just want to rant about what the hell was CAVBoss thinking, here you go!

    4. CAV: Strike Operations Factions & Tactics

      Looking for help with setting up a Force Group for your favorite faction? Get the skinny here!

    5. CAV: Strike Operations Area 51

      New units and rules currently in the pipeline! Shh... its a secret!

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    6. CAV: Strike Operations Downloads

      A landing zone for scenarios and articles written by CAVBoss himself!

  4. Painting, Sculpting, Conversions, & Terrain

    1. Show Off: Painting!

      Come share pictures of your finished models for the world to see!

    2. Works in Progress: Painting

      Show us what's currently on the workbench or walk us through a project one day at a time!

    3. Tips & Advice: Painting

      Need some help? Want to share some hard-won knowledge? Shout out!

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    4. Show Off: Sculpting, Conversions, & Terrain!

      Show off all that hard work and let us bask in your glory!

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    5. Works in Progress: Sculpting, Conversions, & Terrain

      Whipping up your own model? Converting an existing one to zig rather than zag? Building Minis Tirith out of mash potatoes? Enlighten us with your progress!

    6. Tips & Advice: Sculpting, Conversions, & Terrain

      Need some help? Want to share some hard-won knowledge? Part deux!

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  5. General Discussion

    1. All things Sci-Fi!

      A general discussion area for anything related to Science Fiction!

    2. Shutterbug

      Tips & Advice on taking pictures without your thumb getting in the way or Bigfoot getting in the background!

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    3. 3-D Printing

      Share your 3-D adventures with the masses so we can figure out where the "on" button is on these things! Tips & Advice for all things 3-D printed.

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    4. Kickstarters

      Have a KS to share that may be of interest here? Drop a link but beware, the mods will swing the bat on anything they deem not relevant!

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    5. Off-Topic Randomness

      Crazy stories, tasteful jokes, or random thoughts go here! No politics or religion! You have been warned so think twice before you hit that post button!

  6. The BattleNet

    1. Walker's Landing

      Come in, grab a chair, and order a cold mug of Drake beer while sharing your exploits! Share your character or unit backgrounds, maybe even a short story for all to enjoy!

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    2. Battle Reports

      Have a battle report to pass along? Fire up the system and tell us all the dope!

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