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  1. My wife made the comment that they reminded her of Sprite. Now I need to work the word Limon into their name. 5th Light Mechanized Onslaught - The LiMons?
  2. @Goodtobetheking, honestly I'm not sure what @CAVBOSS plans for the new rules are. Ask him yourself Wednesday night on Twitch...? 🤩
  3. Join me tonight at 8pm CST on Twitch @ https://www.twitch.tv/talongamesonline We're in the final stretch for our Slow Grow league in Tulsa. I'm working on a pair of Crossbows for my flight squad!
  4. Welcome to the game, super glad to hear from you! The damage in CAV isn't equal to the number of success the attack roll exceeds the defense numbers. instead, that value (called an MoS - Margin of Success) is cross referenced to the damage table. Most results yield 1-3 points of damage. @CAVBOSS is working on streamlining the rules for an update. FYI, he also streams on Twitch Wednesday nights at 8pm CST where he will answer most any question. Last week he talked a lot about upcoming rule changes. Talon Games on Twitch CavBoss talking about upcoming rule changes on YouTube
  5. Started work on my last squad for the Slow Grow league. Airbrushing the color white is a humbling experience. 🤬
  6. Still have 2 Crossbows to paint but here is my progress so far on my Templar Free Company - whose name eludes me.
  7. Hope to finish the specialist squad for my Templar Free company. Then I'll just have my aircraft to do. Come help me puzzle out the paint scheme for my Crossbows! 8pm CST on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/talongamesonline
  8. Been negligent about updating this project. Here is my current progress. Join me on Twitch Monday evening as I finish these models up.
  9. Finishing up the last base for my Templar Free company and edge highlighting without a brush. Just call me Kneivel! https://www.twitch.tv/talongamesonline
  10. My experience is that it can be hard to get a good spot for popup attacks. I often find one or two good ones but then that makes me bunch up my tanks and makes me vulnerable to Indirect Fire. Plus now days if you don't declare a move then you are +2 to hit. In my opinion, CAV needs more terrain than I usually see on the table.
  11. Join me tonight on the Talon Games Twitch Stream @ 8pm CST as I go over some lessons we learned about Indirect Fire in the second round of our slow grow league! Also working on my Specialist Squad. 🙂 https://www.twitch.tv/talongamesonline
  12. It is completely legal and really cool. I enjoy the idea of tiny little recon forces probing the edge of enemy territory. Maybe a merc force that can only afford/field one CAV for a particular mission. Or maybe a militia force with just one or two CAVs. I really enjoy playing the little games. 🙂 Also, working on these guys on stream tonight.
  13. 1x Spartan, 3x Sabre a recon squad in disguise.
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