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  1. I am here for Reading Rach-bow.
  2. I like it. There are things I would do differently, but nothing that you're doing is bad. Your way might even be better than mine. I am a really big fan of "oh, by the way, I brought recon aircraft. Have fun with that." In that kind of TV range, dedicated anti air is a huge luxury, so they become a lot more of a headache than they would be in a 4500 game.
  3. I am super excited for the Dervish2s. Double Time and CHAMELEON together are a lot of potential dodges.
  4. One thing that ADON frequently brings that you didn't touch on is Rugged. The Ogres, Chancellors, and Mantis in the main forces all bring it combined with some level of Reinforced. That 2 level repair can really let them double down on that fencing style, as they are generally fast enough to move to cover and catch their breath. We haven't played a ton of games here, mostly in the smaller weight ranges. One list I really enjoyed at 2000tv was: Attack Squad: 4xDervish Flight (Recon) Squad: 2x Dragonfly Specialist Squad: Chancellor The Dervish can move fast, get close, and just be terrors with Blaster2 + PointBlank + Back Arc bonuses. The Dragonflies can be a pain to lock down at this point level, and the lone Chancellor brings its Medium MACs to finish off things that the Dervish weaken. Generally by the time that the Dervish have all died, the Chancellor is in a position to bob in and out of cover and at least stalemate whatever is left on the other side of the board.
  5. Pretty much, yeah. Armor 5, but DoubleTime, ATC2, free locks on target, and 4 LBGs. Move, Lock, Salvo at +5 should almost always hit, and will likely put up good margins against many targets. Fun? Yes. Overpowered? Nope. You've got 2k invested in glass cannons.
  6. You do not need an intervention, but it also doesn't break the game, for two reasons: 1) You only keep the most recent target lock. So each recon will only have one lock, and each other model will either accept one of the shared locks or manually lock something else by spending an action. 2) Shooting multiple targets gets a -1 penalty to all shots for each extra target. So sure, red recon can share to red stompy and black recon to black stompy, but the stompys can't both lock both targets. If they each try to shoot at both Dictators, they'll pick which one is locked, pick which guns are shooting at which target, and then get a -1 on all shots because they're splitting focus. I /think/ that they also use whichever range band is worse, but I don't split shots so am not certain there.
  7. Ok, so last Wednesday (30 June, I guess), CAVBoss mentioned that one of the changes that might be coming in the JoR is the model role giving them a special ability. If I understood correctly, he said that Recon models would get a free target lock each activation against an enemy model, and that Fire Support models would get a free target lock each activation against a point on the board (such as what a Strike Point is shooting at). I am excited for this to happen. As had been pointed out, those model types tend to bring more utility than what their action economy really lets them express, so this will open up more gameplay options for them. I am also excited for our New Almirithil Overlords, and the almighty Murder "Recon" Squads they bring with like 4 King Cobras. May the flashlights shine happily on us all. 😜
  8. What did you use for your Scout Helicopters? I have been hunting something in reasonable scale and can't seem to find anything that doesn't either come weighed down with weapons or require 3d printing.
  9. Everything I expect to put on table I intend to paint, but it might see some action grey. Probably not an even spread on the numbers, though. Maybe 50/50/40? Because I have some Rach purchased and some even painted that I never expect to play, some Ritter painted that I gifted, and some Adon painted that will never see action. There is probably some more in the Adon "get it and paint it, but likely never field it" list as well, but just because it doesn't fit how I play (a second Ogre and Bishop, for example).
  10. One thing I learned in college was how outdated the tactics for Sealion were. If the Blitz had been launched from the captured airfield at Oslo and directed towards Scapa Flow the Royal Navy would have had no resupply... which is why the first AA defenses that could be obtained weren't sent to London. I guess "outdated" is an unfair word, because air dominance was brand new, but still.
  11. ah, cobra and king cobra. aka: how to have an attack squad labelled as recon. lol fantastic models, too.
  12. Followup, with a front shot showing the transition I'm getting with the medium grey. I'm not certain I'm getting "marble" but I'll accept "brushed concrete."
  13. Ok, I remember on Discord there was a conversation about using disc magnets for bases and then being able to transport figures on metal sheets in plastic trays. I have a similar plan, and am looking to get magnets. I looked up the Discord convo, and it looks like 2mm thick is the size everyone was suggesting. Without going through Amazon, all the online shops I was finding at reasonable prices were in Freedom Units(tm) instead of real metric numbers. Where did you all get your 5x2 or 7x2 magnets?
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