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Need stats for the Warlord and Black Knight


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Well, I found 10 CAV metal minis at Reapercon on the Melt Table! One of them was a mystery CAV, I was not sure which it was, a Warlord minus its missile pack or a Knight. Got home, dug out my JORs and found out it was a Black Knight. So it will get stripped and repainted into Templar colors and join the unit. The other CAVs were 4 Tsuisekis [at their small size they may go to my CBT stuff as Mechbuster proxies], a Rhino and Panther for the Ritts, a Dictator for the Rach, a Spectre for Malvernis and a Regent for Terra. Also grabbed a plastic Wight, Dictator and 2 of the new Tsuiseki 2s and a Starhawk 7. Was gonna go back for some Crossbows and forgot to.

Metal CAVs.jpg


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