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  1. Watch what you use for primer on the KS1, 2 and 3 figures. Any spray that has more than 50% acetone in it will cause the models to become tacky to touch no matter if you wash or don't wash before you prime. If you do not know look for the MSDS sheets of the paint you want to use for primer. Rust-oleum puts 25-50 % acetone in their sprays. So guess what that means. You can buy 2 cans of the same paint and if one has 28% acetone it will work great on the CAV models, but if you get one that is closer to 50% or maybe just a little over your going to have a model that even if it stays out in the sun all day will be tacky. I primed a couple of models in Rust-oleum Camo Sand and they stayed out for 2 hrs. Were tacky to the touch. I let them sit in the house for 2 months and were still tacky to the touch. When I striped the primer off the tackiness went away. A favorite to use is Tamiya Surface Primer. It only has 1-5% acetone in it. This is why it works so well. Army Painter is another that people like, it also has less than 50% acetone in its cans. Vallejo Hobby Sprays appear to have no Acetone in them. GW Sprays - some are over 50% some are under, but you have to email GW to get the MSDS sheets. So best advice is either get the msds of the paint you want to use, or test the spray on any extra sprue, or the underside of the part that goes into the included base.. If you do end up with a tacky model you can always use testors dullcoat to help take that away.. If you have any questions let me know. I've not tested the DualCast yet. I tend to use the Tamiya Colors Acrylics as my primer/base coat as its an alcohol based acrylic and adheres to the plastic just fine.
  2. That would be me. Funny it hasn't let me know that people were posting.
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