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Administratum Decimus WIP

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Working on the Administratum Decimus from TTCombat that I got when it went on sale.

So far I have brushed on a thin coat of white Stynylrez and then washed it with Misty Grey.

Plans from here are to go with some darker grey drybrushing to get a marbled look. I've got some eggshells that I intend to crush as debris. I feel like the shards should give good flat "broken cobbles" vibes and take further drybrushing well.


Rules question: this is almost 6in tall. When I've put it on the table before, we've played it as Heavy Cover for -2. It being open and not having interior walls, I didn't want it to be Blocking Cover. I know cover is described in the errata as partly being described by height. Does that sound "rules wise" legit, as opposed to just "table flexibility" stuff?



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