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Mine Sniffing Rats!


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So yes, this is a real thing... https://apopo.org/support-us/adopt/


And apparently they have their "all-stars," https://abcnews.go.com/International/magawaa-herorat-detected-100-landmines-cambodia-dies/story?id=82200598&fbclid

Here is a little "story" I put together as I thought about this more...

Here is one of the two rats Ive adopted...this is François. He is an Aries and loves to party after a hard day searching for mines!


His partner, Louie. While slow, he never gives up!


Down at the local watering hole, the waitress, Brigitte, waits for her heroes to make it back alive!


Relatively new to the team, Armand is a beast!


Coraline fears for the safety of her brave little soldier, Max!


but little does she know, Max is "catting" around on her!


but as Magawa has shown, in the end there is only one way out!


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