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  1. Hey Pilots. Johnny (AKA Eringzo) here. I'm new to the game and learning as much as I can. Not only am I new to the CAV, but I am also new to war gaming. I've got a lot to wrap my head around. I'm in Huntsville, TX and hoping to get some traction with some other players locally to get a weekly game going and potentially a slow grow league. After watching some games at CAVCon 2022, I picked up the book along with some mechs. I also purchased some of the 2018 CAVC SO Kickstarter mechs from an individual. I have a couple of each of the following. (In addition to about 10 pounds of scenery from the same purchase. .LOL) Centurion (72285) Templar Crusader (72286) Templar Sovereign (72287) Templar Spartan (72288) Templar Gladiator II (72299) Templar Warhawk (72306) Templar Duelist (72295) Templar Revenant (72289) Malvernis Butcher (72290) Malvernis Haunt (72291) Malvernis Shadow (72292) Malvernis Obake (72305) Malvernis Ghost (72293) Malvernis Pillager (72307) Malvernis Shade (72297) Malvernis Obviously, there is plenty here to build some Assault and Fire Support Squads. Maybe even a Recon Squad. After reading as much as I can, I know I am still missing some fundamentals on squad building. I'd like to be able to play some games casual enough to interest new players but build my skill set and squads enough to do a bit of tourny play. Maybe 2 squads. I can see that there is a lot more the this than just the Mechs. In order to build some a Primary and Secondary Squad that would help me grow as a player, what would you recommend I be able to bring to the table as far as Infantry and Mechanized Infantry. What about Flight or Mortar? Some examples of some Squads of any of the races would be very helpful. I don't mind spending a few coins on what I need but don't want to just keep guessing when I can use this forum to get help and fill in some of my knowledge gaps. I know that the new core rules are imminent, but I think what has worked for members here in the past will continue to be a viable selection. Sincere thanks in advance for any guidance offered. Johnny
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