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  1. Time for an update. I was able to get a second CAV Bay completed. This one is going to have a few modifications, starting with the addition of some magnets, so models can be placed and replaced as needed. Once painted up the magnets, at least for now are somewhat difficult to see, but that works as I may also use this bay for other projects as well. They are very versatile. Next pict shows the model in place. Thanks to Dave C. For the model suggestion, perfect fit and works well for the display look I am going for. The model also has magnets in the feet, so I can take it out of the display Bay, and then place it on a washer base that the rest of my CAV models use. Then the model can be used for game play as normal. This project will continue as I have more display ideas and more CAV Bays to paint up and have fun with.
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  2. That's fantastic. I have my bases magnetized, but would never have considered also securing the CAVs to the base with them. I love that pattern on the Imperator, too. Great work all around.
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  4. I think that can be arranged. Its next up right after the next batch of new mini releases.
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