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  1. Guys, I tried. I bought into this (HC rulebook and plenty of models). I really like the systems, however I also like my food cooked before I eat it. Been asking since November about new cards. Received a reply "we are adding several per day" - BS. You have 11 card updated since Dec. 23rd. Less than ONE a day, not Several..... Rules are in disarray. New updates takes my HC book to the trash, and references stats on new cards, that while promised have not materialized. Again, I like the game, heard tales about another mech game that came after and took the limelight, this is the original blah blah. No wonder, "other mech game" handled it like a business instead of a hobby. Of course they beat CAV senseless. Thankfully models were cheap enough that as of tomorrow I will begin converting them into wreckage markers for "the other mech game" that actually acts like a game. So CAV Boss, if you really want a game as a business, act like you do. I bought into the hype and you were a serious dissapointment. Dave - Austin Historical game show
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