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Despot B overview and review (many pics)

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And here we have another of the new releases the Despot B. This is a redo of the KS1 Despot. Its larger, the end pictures will show you the differance. 
So let's show you the package. 


In the package you should find 2 hulls, 2 left tracks, 2 right tracks, 2 turrets and 2 sets of GMs. 

So lets put one together. Here are all the parts you need. 


First trim off all the extra flashing on the turret. 



There is also a main gate to remove from the rear. Sorry no pic. 

Next remove the Gate from the GMs. 


Then work on the flashing on the Treads and hull. 


Then separate the treads from the hull. 
Then remove the main gates. 
After some cleanup, it's time to assemble. 
Let's start with the Right Tread. 

Then the Left Tread. 

Then we put the GMs on the back of the Turret. 

Next all you do is add the turret to the hull and you are done. I do not glue mine, what you do is up to you. 


So let's show some comparison pics of the new and the old Despot. 




So way more detail, it's a bit bigger than the old. It's easy to assemble. They look great, the pictures can say more about them than I can. The only downside is I may need more of them. 

Let me know what you think about them down below. 




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