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  1. Quick update. The back wall is now completed. Last pict with a couple models in to help show scale. Now onto the painting and some additional details.
  2. I have been able to make fair progress on this project. Below is a progress shot of the side wall. The side wall done. Then a shot of the main deck/floor done, together with the side wall. Now onto the back wall. Probably also time to start thinking about the paint scheme.
  3. Good question! It can not stay in black primer forever, that is for sure. I need to make up my mind on the paint scheme for it. I have lots of ideas kicking around, but nothing solid yet. It will probably get a Camo scheme of some sort as I have wanted to try out that sort of scheme on a large model.
  4. This is a project I have been thinking about for a while now. The large scale mechs need some terrain to go with them. This thread will house the work in progress shots.
  5. Thanks syagrius! I did think about adding some ice and icicles dripping off them, but changed my mind. They are not on a totally frozen world. Or maybe more like a world in spring time, something like that, we’re it still snows, but can also be warmish and green at times.
  6. For this post I will show a winter Camo scheme I have tried out on a few models.
  7. Nice looking so far! Looking forward to the finished pictures. What do you have in mind for the base?
  8. A long time ago when the CAV models were pewter. The game rules were also a bit different. This group of CAV’s was intended to be mercenary in nature even then. Never purchased in any specific order or anything, more like the rule of cool, plus what was available. The paint job was started probably 15 years or more ago. The models got shelved for a long time in their half finished state. Until recently when The Dirty Dozen resurfaced to find themselves hired and pressed into service once again. This ramshackle group was pulled together from many races and factions, most of them not believing in the line of politics or governmental boundaries. Now they sell their services to the highest bidder and fight for credits and glory.
  9. Through the week I was able to get some more pictures taken and more stuff for this completed. Here are a few shots of the bigger ones, still not sure if they are too big for CAV or not? We will see if I use them in CAV games or if players don’t like them?
  10. Syagrius…. The projects look great, I really like the purple crystals, consider that one stolen… thanks in advance 🙂. I believe they will look great on CAV bases. Now to make a custom mold so I can make a bunch…. Mmm? Maybe some planning is needed? The Star fortress molds are the mech terrain molds I am talking about. I have cast and more or less built the set. Painting is in progress at this point. Very nice set of terrain, imo.
  11. Syagrius…. Building looks great! I am sure it was a fun project. Hopefully you can post up some picts. of your CAVs when done. I have a good amount of stuff to post up, when time allows I try to get more pictures taken and posts made up. Cuts into my painting time though….haha. Also looking forward to a post or two of the Hirst mech terrain as well, if you have time to post it up. If time allows I will try to start a post for mine as I don’t have time finish everything, but I could post up some WIP shots.
  12. Syagrius…. I am ‘ultrawarrior’ on the Hirst arts forum. I have many posts there, if you have the time check out some of my builds. Currently I am painting up the better part of the Hirst mech terrain. They will be posted here on this forum in the terrain section once I complete them, as well as on the Hirst forum. I have been casting plaster blocks for as long as Mr. Hirst has had the molds out/available. I totally agree with you casting is also a hobby in its own right as well. I also totally understand the space issue. Who would have thought that miniature models/figures that are about 2 inches tall would be such a space consuming hobby? I will have to check into using some layers to make a cool back drop as suggested, I have been needing something I can use for years. try the link below, hopefully it works for one of my Hirst arts posts: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hirstarts/small-scale-buildings-t8849.html
  13. I have zero experience with photoshop. I should look into it and see what I can do. I have also looked at some model railroad backdrops, so maybe I will go that route? As for 3D printing….. It is a hobby in its own right. It is a fun learning curve as well. Not totally straight forward. Once you get the hang of it though, at least for me on most of this stuff, it has been super fun and I have been able to get some nice prints/results. Totally passable for game play and super affordable. One thing to keep in mind if you do decide to get into it, is that not all STL files are created the same. Some are fantastic and some are not so much. I have gotten some bad files that do not print well no matter what I do.
  14. Yes, the building with the fan is so cool! Plus fun to paint and imagine all kids of different ideas as to why it might be there? From practical ideas like wind power generation to more fun ideas like the building is just a shell for some other sinister major heat creation device….? I think I will print some more and that building is definitely going to be printed again. Thanks CAVBOSS for a great design there!
  15. In this post I will put up pictures of some alien trees and such that I have been printing and painting. This will probably be easier than a bunch of post in other parts of the forum. So, here goes. I need a better back drop, anyone have any suggestions/ideas that would help with back drops?
  16. I was able to print up and paint up a couple more buildings this week.
  17. This is fantastic! Great ideas here, often I see people getting caught up in the min/max as stated above and it seems to leak out a lot of the fun aspects, like bringing that cool model that you like, but may not have the best stat line. The pirates in this game are a great place to get creative with story telling and paint jobs and all kind of fun stuff. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with for the paint jobs on these! If any audience votes count? The idea of having them each painted up in their own scheme appeals to me for pirates and even mercenaries. Possibly one part of the paint scheme to tie them together a bit or they are all different, can be all part of the story. Thanks for posting this Red Baron
  18. I forgot to add the craters…. These should be fun to paint up!
  19. The printer I have is a Creality, Ender 3 V2. I am sorry I didn’t see this post earlier. I was able to get a couple more buildings printed up for CAV. These should be fun to paint up.
  20. During the week I was able to get these printed up as well. Now to get going on the Badger model itself.
  21. I was able to get this items for the Badger printed off today. I am super excited about how good they came out. Now on to printing the missile tips and exhaust ducts, here is hoping that they come out just as good.
  22. Hopefully all others have had a great Christmas and New Years break. I was super lucky to get this as a Christmas gift, from my family. After some assembly and fun with the terrible assembly instructions, my sons and I got this 3D printer built and printing. In the past I had to rely on others and my son to get the items I need/want printed… No more. This machine has been super fun to use and learn with over the break. In the past I had purchased some STL files for some tabletop war games, terrain. So, I started printing some alien looking trees for CAV. Above is a couple photos of a CAV model next to some of the prints. I can hardly believe how good they have come out. These are scaled down from the original size to better fit the CAV scale. Below is a picture of the original scale, next to the same model. The original scale is for larger scale games, 28mm or so. I am totally looking forward to printing off a forest of these in the smaller scale that looks better next to the CAV models. I also believe they will be a ton of fun to paint up in some bright mushroom colors. I will post up more pictures as this project progresses.
  23. This week I was able to complete a second building. I had purchased two of these, with the hope of testing out a few ideas for painting the laser cut buildings. I had not done very much stuff with the laser cut products in the past. These buildings are the tests for my Badger model, that I will be doing at some point in the future. It will be painted up using similar techniques. With this second one, I tried using a brighter photo for the picture behind the widows. Not sure I like it as much? It is better than the one I used for the first building, as it is much easier to see what it is. It also has a lot of bright white clouds vs the blue sky, so that feels a bit to bright and is a little off. Learning curve for me, maybe something in the middle if I do more of these. Here are a few shots with the two together. I am excited to have these in my collection. They are very versatile and will be used for many games and game systems.
  24. Syagrius, Yes, the building was airbrushed, and hand painted both. Airbrush in the main colors and some top down highlights, as well as blocking in some larger details like the landing pad and such. Then by hand with brushes finish up all the smaller details, washes and drybrushing. I would like to see your results if you do add one to you next order, always fun to see what others come up with. Yes please CAVBOSS, I would be in line for more anytime they are ready! Super fun to paint up, huge modeling potential with scratch bashing and all sorts of other opportunities with these. The part I like the best is the detail sheets. They add some nice details and cover up all joints. Often I see a lot of laser cut buildings that have all the joints exposed and don’t look as good because of it. This building goes together well, looks good in the finish.
  25. This week I was able to get this building project finished up. Was a fun project. This laser cut building was easy to assemble and will make a great addition to my CAV terrain. I also took a few shots with some CAV models in there for scale. Very fun build here is hoping that we get more of these kind of buildings and such in the future. Very good value for the money, imo.
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