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  1. Time for an update. I was able to get a second CAV Bay completed. This one is going to have a few modifications, starting with the addition of some magnets, so models can be placed and replaced as needed. Once painted up the magnets, at least for now are somewhat difficult to see, but that works as I may also use this bay for other projects as well. They are very versatile. Next pict shows the model in place. Thanks to Dave C. For the model suggestion, perfect fit and works well for the display look I am going for. The model also has magnets in the feet, so I can take it out of the display Bay, and then place it on a washer base that the rest of my CAV models use. Then the model can be used for game play as normal. This project will continue as I have more display ideas and more CAV Bays to paint up and have fun with.
  2. Progress shot, I was able to get the stripes done and the wasp painted on for unit mark. I think the unit will be the ‘Black Wasps’. The canopy is probably done as well, but I may try some more blending on it, not sure yet? For the base I will be doing something other than what is in the photo below, but I haven’t decided just yet.
  3. MDF or Acrylic ones would be great! Sign me up for a set or two! I was also wondering if it would be possible to get something that marks or helps keep track of strike points as well; like sets of numbers or letters that would help keep track of them from one activation to another and who placed them? Then it would be easier to remember if an attacker has used that same strike point and will get the bonus for consecutive rounds of shooting to the same spot.
  4. Will the MDF tokes take into account the new rules updates? Maybe that is why they are not ready just yet?
  5. Below are a couple test/WIP shots of a Crossbow aircraft I have been experimenting with a little bit. I would like to get a recipe for painting the flyers fairly quickly, but nicely and detailed. The panel lines/details look fantastic in the dual cast product, IMO. For this I will be using my airbrush to add layers of shades over darker basecoats. For this test model I used some lighter grays, so the panel lines would pop more as dark lines. For future models like the Tsuiseki, I will be using other colors, but basically the same idea. Airbrush shading is done on the pict above. The pict below has the panel lines touched up and darkened. More to come hopefully as I get the last of the small details painted up. Next will be the unit stripes and colors.
  6. These models are finished. I was able to get some billboards printed up for the larger building. These have been fun. I am hoping to do some more of these, but I don’t have any more printed up, so it will be a while before I get back to these.
  7. Below are some completed pict of my CAV scatter terrain pieces. These are super fun to paint up and add a bunch of details to most any battlefield.
  8. I have completed the next step in getting these models ready for the table top. They have been sanded, and bondo, gap filler applied to smooth out some of the print lines. Then I applied automotive filler primer to further help with smoothing. The prepared/smoothed 3D prints you see below are ready for painting. I did not fill in the print lines where all the windows and such are because I don’t want to accidentally fill in any details. Further painted pictures are on they once painting is complete.
  9. Below is my first CAV Bay painted up. I would like to use these bays as displays for models/CAVs, but what CAV/model would look the best without a base….. mmmm?
  10. I was wondering if anyone has downloaded and printed the 3D print buildings from the Talon Games downloads page? I have downloaded them and printed a few test prints. However I was also wondering if anyone has also scaled them up a bit or even a lot, as they seem a bit on the small side as is from the file? The buildings are nice and I really like their modularity/stackablity, very versatile. I will be posting up some more photos as I complete the painting on some of my test prints. Below a photo to show some tests: the building on the left has been scaled up 100% and seems better sized to block line of sight and such, the building on the right is printed straight from the file and no scaling done. If anyone has in game experience as to what size would be better for playability or input that would be great.
  11. I have a couple ideas on getting the line straight without to much effort. Something I have tried and had decent success with is the Tamiya masking tape. Has a bit of a cost to it, more than painters tape, but it is a very good product and comes in various sizes. For the edges or areas where the contours of the model may make the tape not stick well, a rubber tipped sculpting tool can be used to press the tape to the contour. I have found that the Tamiya tape has some flexibility to it that will also help it conform. Not an end all answer and as Red Barron said sometimes you have to make some touch ups no mater how carefully masked the area is.
  12. The models look fantastic! Great job. I totally understand the no motivation, can be difficult to get back into anything after having set it aside for any length of time. Keep up the good work.
  13. This is my entry for the diorama titled, Stuck in the mud.
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