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  1. 5th Light Mechanized Brigade - The Thirst Quenchers. Led by Alejandro "Sprite" Limon. Callsign issued due to a slightly smaller than average stature and a love of an ancient Terran form of entertainment called a videogame.
  2. The Green Knights? The Jade Cavaliers? The Emerald Knights Errant? The Green Hornets? Second in command will need the callsign of Kato. The Chartreuse Champions? The Green Square Deal? If your company has a rep for honest dealings and an environmentally friendly modus operandi. The Malachite Marauders? The Green-Eyed Monsters? The 10th street Can't-Think-Of-A-Name Gang?
  3. Black Market, Secondary Market, fell off the back of a Badger whichever works.
  4. Depends, whats available thus far? I believe we have the poster boy for the game, the Dictator B for the Rach, already. Perhaps the lead Cav for each faction? Adon - Chancellor/Challenger (Not the Ogre, he tends to polarize opinion apparently) Almirithil - Kodiak or Grizzly Templar - Centurion although I would make a case for the Crusader Malvernis - I would like a Butcher B but again that's a polarizing choice apparently so a Pillager or Assassin? Terran - Thunderbird or Katana looks cool. Tsuiseki just cause it's based on one of the greatest military aircraft of all time, OF ALL TIME. RItterlich - Rhino seems to be the poster child for them. Although I like the squat, heavily armored "go ahead and gimme your best shot, I can take it." attitude of the Tiger.
  5. Pop-up is like having condiments on a restaurant table. If I got something I can use it on, great it's available, otherwise it's there for next time. It's not something to base the force around.
  6. The attached is a Light Attack force I ginned up for a 2500 point game sometime soon. The Attack Squad is 4 Royal Chieftains. Medium Mac (P), Countermeasures, Pop-up and Advanced TC will hopefully make a Sniper unit out of them while allowing them to evade incoming fire. Blessed with great resilience they aren't. The Specialist Squad is a Chancellor and a Challenger. Many guns, much shooting. They're the Anvil to the Chieftains Hammer. And with the weapon mix they've got a little something for everyone. The Flight squad is a pair of Dragonflies. APA 2, Tag, Improved Handling. We're going to jink, zig, zag, dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge all over the place while feeding targeting info and bonuses back to our friends in the tanks and CAV's. And hope we're considered inconsequential enough you don't devote too much firepower to disposing of us. This was built out of models owned. Yes I could have done better/differently with Dervishes and Kestrals and such but the budget only stretches so far and Khardullis demands a certain devotion. Adon Light Attack Force.pdf
  7. I don't know what mental block I have about mixing CAV's and Vehicles in the same squad. Everytime I see it, it triggers an automatic reflex that says "That's not legal!" and yet it's completely legal.
  8. You could. You could do that. 1,912 points for 4 CAV's with Armor 5 though, even transports can have guns that will damage you. Strike first and quickly and run like hell while they wait for the canopy window polarization to undo from all the radiation.
  9. So say we have a Templar Specialist squad consisting of 2 Spartan Recon Cav's and 2 Centurion Super stompy Cav's. (Don't ask, Alcohol was involved) And that said Templars are out shooting up Rach, like you do. Spartans have TAG and EST Centurions have all the guns and an inferiority complex cause the Duelist pilots said they were fat. Upon Activation of the squad each Spartan declares a target lock on a different target. Spartan 1 target locks Dictator Blue and Spartan 2 target locks Dictator Green. When the EST goes off does the squad get locks on both Dictators? Do they get to choose which target lock they accept if they are only allowed one or is it last one triggered comes out on top? Does the targeting system on the Centurions overload from the double input and explode in the Wizzo's face like he's a red shirt on Star Trek? Do I possibly need a intervention?
  10. As a Warmachine vet they have been doing multi configuration kits for years now for Warmachine and Hordes. Each army generally had 2 or 3 basic chassis and the loadout varied depending on model. The Ironclad/Defender/Cyclone kit came with the parts to make 1 of the 3 variants for example but the only real difference was in the arms. If you were good with a drill you could magnetize the body and just swap arms as needed. Character/Named models switched over to a upgrade pack to go with the basic 'jack kit. For Example Torch (A Khador Character 'jack) is just a Decimator/Juggernaut/Destroyer kit with $10 of metal bits added.
  11. 80/1/19. Although attempts are being made to get the 19 up. I'm afraid that hobby number just ain't moving all that much.
  12. Awesome, I need 2 Crossbows, 2 Ghasts and 4 Tsuisekis which are already out.
  13. So the question on everyone's mind, I'm sure, is what goodies will be released for everyone's favorite desert dwelling theologians? I'm hoping for something along the Flight, Transport or Recon lines as we seem to have Attack and Fire Support well in hand. All kidding aside I think CAVBoss said the focus was skewed toward Almirithil as they have the least amount available and the Twitch feed from last night mentioned new Quad CAV's were in the works. I'd like a Raider Transport and Ultracast Ghasts if we're being specific. A Vindicator wouldn't go Unappreciated either.
  14. Do the 5x2 magnets stick out over the lip of the base so the model would be unstable when on the field? This is using the supplied bases of course. I had a pack of 5x1 magnets from when I was building Titans and it looked like a single 5x1 fit but a pair stacked together stuck out. Nevermind, Empirical evidence shows 5x2 is the way to go. Forget I said Anything.
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