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Bundles and squad composition

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I picked up the Almirithil bundle at Adepticon. (Got 'em assembled, but not painted, yet. 😁) If I were to field the bundle as a single squad, what type of squad could it be? I assumed it would be an Attack squad. (Why? Dunno.) But, looking at the roles:

  • Concussion: Attack
  • Fullback: Attack
  • Bear: Fire support
  • Growler: Recon

It can't be an Attack squad, because that would require 3 out of 4 models to have the Attack role, right? It looks like it can't be any other type of squad, either, since each squad type requires either 75% of the models to have a certain role, or a least one with SA: Specialist for the Specialist squad.

Am I reading this right?

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The starter squads are a Specialist Squad. Anything up to four models can go in this type of squad regardless of role (so you could put four aircraft in it for example). A model with the SA: Specialist must always go in a Specialist Squad.

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