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CAV Force Group Sizes


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I'm currently working on a scenario generator for CAV and want to get some feedback on total Threat Value sizes. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Starting Threat Values

                Players should agree upon an approximate number of squads and an average TV amount per model to determine the number of Threat Value points available to each Force Group. Keep in mind that the larger the average size of models, the "heavier" (total Damage Tracks) a Force Group will be. The following table can help players gauge the force size they wish to use.

                The table uses an average squad size of five models.

                Force Group Size (CAVs only)

                                                                One Model         One Squad

                                Extra-Small         100                         500

                                Small                     200                         1000

                                Medium               400                         2000

                                Large                     600                         3000

                                Extra-Large         800                         4000

                Force Group Size (Vehicles only)

                                Extra-Small         100                         500

                                Small                     150                         750

                                Medium               250                         1250

                                Large                     350                         1750

                                Extra-Large         450                         2250

                Force Group Size (CAV and Vehicles)

                                Extra-Small         100                         500

                                Small                     175                         875

                                Medium               325                         1625

                                Large                     425                         2125

                                Extra-Large         625                         3125

                Note: While this table refers to CAVs and vehicles only, the final number of Threat Value points also encompasses the inclusion of aircraft and infantry.

                Example: Using the above table, both players decide they want to play a game with at least three squads of medium-sized CAVs and vehicles to a side, allowing each of them a starting Threat Value Pool of 4875 points.

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