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Michael's Mermaids

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Michael's Mermaids


117th Bastion Regiment logoOne of my best friends is David Michael. He has a very insightful sense of humor and a tendency to hate movies with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. He's genuinely a lot of fun to hang out with and will make you regret taking that 'if the dice are with me' chance in any miniature game. CAV piqued his interest in 2019 and  we got in enough games that he was ready to buy and paint some minis. Buying isn't his problem... painting well, it might as well be a movie with a bad opening scene. 🙂

Then of course, Covid hit and we couldn't play CAV anymore... but I had a plan!

I decided I'd paint up a small mercenary force for David and gift it to him when we got back to playing. Thus was born Michael's Mermaids. 

I'm not really sure what their background story is but I can imagine someone yelling into the CO's (David's) office and saying, "...the press want to know what our unit is called." The pure level of snark that came back was so thick it stuck and the unit's been known as Michael's Mermaids ever since.

I painted the aircraft during the first virtual CAVCon when Jon and I hung out for the weekend and streamed non-stop CAV stuff - there might be video of that somewhere on Youtube.

There is also an attempt at a battle report between Michael's Mermaids and my Templar unit the Royal Blues on the forums.


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