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New Project Large Scale Terrain

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Good question!  It can not stay in black primer forever, that is for sure.  I need to make up my mind on the paint scheme for it.  I have lots of ideas kicking around, but nothing solid yet.  It will probably get a Camo scheme of some sort as I have wanted to try out that sort of scheme on a large model.

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I have been able to make fair progress on this project.  Below is a progress shot of the side wall.2BA3EE1C-B328-4C23-A3CE-83306999E184.thumb.jpeg.7b710f34d8019e52d50c55099b61dcb8.jpeg

The side wall done.


Then a shot of the main deck/floor done, together with the side wall.


Now onto the back wall.  Probably also time to start thinking about the paint scheme.  

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