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Battle Report TTS (DFW)


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To start I would like to say that there was some apparent misunderstanding on what was and wasn't allowed in the list. The boys thought NO aircraft and Ross and I went mostly aircraft. I will take the blame for that as I was the mediator.

6000 TV Game

Here are the Boys line up (B made the list)20210628_231813.thumb.jpg.558930c1af7ba134c7b39c8a7b26f3a0.jpg

(Don't have the list but they have 3 squads)

And here is the opposition...

@Smaug & @Savage Coyote


 An attack squad of Sabertooth and a hound

A pair of Hinds

Scout Helicopter ships

And some others all totaling 7 squads for our side.

And so it begins...


@Savage Coyote putting his Voice activated dice (Although he denies it, it is a real thing he has) into action as we raced to the other side of the board. Some damage taken on both sides. The dice where cold for the boys and couldn't land a strike point but got lucky with drift. Especially with the Mogwai.



By the end of turn 4 the boys had taken a severe beating and @Savage Coyote was starting to feel bad for them so we called it.


Lessons Learned :

have more open communication with players. Especially on what type of units your thinking about bringing. (i.e. CAV, Vehicles, aircraft) This will avoid it from being all too one sided..

Build the force you want to play with and have fun. Learn how to use each unit to the best of its ability and how it helps other unit's in your force.

GET OUT OF THE DEPLOYMENT ZONE!!!!!  Go after your opponent and not sit back thinking you're playing it safe by making them come to you. When that happenes they are coming at you on their terms NOT yours.


As devastating as the game was the boys all had a good time and are excited to do it again. Reworking the game room (Man-land / Man-Cave) to have a dedicated table for them to play and then build some terrain I think these boys will be a force to reckon with


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On 6/29/2021 at 9:18 PM, Dave.C said:

What did you use for your Scout Helicopters? I have been hunting something in reasonable scale and can't seem to find anything that doesn't either come weighed down with weapons or require 3d printing.

That would be a question for @Savage Coyote he brought them. I believe they might have been from Team Yankee

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Another issue with this game was we had two Special squads... that skewed the balance as well!  Had there just been another attack squad I think it could have been a tad closer? 

The scout helos are Balac Strike VTOLs from MWDark Age... the are too big really but it was the only thing I had on hand to proxy with! 

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