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12th Guards Army "Hammer of Hakir" Blog

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I decided to change this to an on-going blog for my 12th Guards Army, CAV Division 1 "Hammer of Hakir" painting.  In the future I'll do a "how to paint" segment, but for now, the list of paints used is as follows:

Orange - Photonic Orange (base) Capellan Sunrise (highlights)  Aggaros Dunes Contrast Paint (first shade,) Fyreslayer Flesh Contrast (second shade) and then white is mixed with Capellan Sunrise for the edge highlight.

OD Green - Warmaster Bronze (base) Vallejo Iraqi Sand (mixed with the Warmaster Bronze to make two different highlight levels, with white in the second level,)  Basilicanum Grey Contrast for the shade.

I also use a sepia toned 003 Micron Pen for the orange side and a black for the green side in the panels! 

Little hammer time... got two Hammerd and a Growlers orange based in CAV Master Series Photonic Orange! 


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