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Newbie Questions: ToEs and Factions


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In the models-by-faction lists (ToEs), several models are listed with another model in parentheses.  For example, Glaive (Halberd).  My assumption is the Glaive is just a variant of the Halbed with a different data card.  Is that correct?

Second, aside from faction-specific special abilities, is there any drawback to just throwing together a mercenary force?  My main reason for asking is that while I wanted to go with the Templars as my first force, many of the models are not available.

Finally, while I love the hardback, I like to read rules on my tablet.  Is there a PDF of the core rules available?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Correct on the variants. The Glaive is a Halberd variant.

No there is no drawback for just playing a merc force. We have some things coming down the pipe to make playing a faction force more attractive so stay tuned.

There is not a pdf right now. We are getting ready to release a rules update that will include the core rules and any changes/errata that will be in pdf form (and later reprinted in the Rules of Engagement campaign guide next year). The pdf will be available this upcoming January.

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7 hours ago, jhilahd said:

Sorry to necro this - but is there a pdf available now for the core rulebook?
I like physical books, but being able to have the rules available digitally would be amazing.

While we have no plans in releasing the complete book as a pdf. The core rules will be available in July as a free pdf.

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