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Warden B overview and review (Lots of pics)

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Here is my review of the Dual-Cast Warden B. So this is a new variant of the Warden, that to me is closer to the unit card than the original model was.  So lets show off the package. 



And here is what is in the blister. 


You get 2 hulls, 2 sets of 3 axels with wheels. (Notice how 1 set is a single wheel on each side while the others are dual wheels on each side), 2 Light RACs, 2 Radar Dishes, and 2 Radar Dish mounts. 

So what is the Warden B? And how is it different? 
No photo description available.

So this is what CavBoss posted in the Facebook group March 2021. I think it's changed as its now just 1 Light RAC, with the SA Ultra so damage starts out at 3/5.  

So let's get one of these models cleaned up and put together.
Here are all the part you need to make 1 Warden B.

So I start off with one of the hulls. And I clip off the extra overflow gates. 


Next I clean up the Dish Mount.


Then I move on to the RAC. I get the overflow gate.image.thumb.jpeg.b8d8064d55ab17a115c080c9c2596c1f.jpeg

Then I get the main gate. 


Next is the Radar Dish.


Now it's time for the Wheels and Axels. I cut the main gate off, then I remove all the axels from sprue.  



After I have 3 separate axels I clean off the extra parts, because there is no extra space on where you insert them onto the hull. 


Once I finish that up, I start adding the axels to the hull. I start with the front wheels. These are the ones that only have a single wheel on each side. 


On this model the clearance between the axel and the hull is nothing, so I opted to not use any glue as I think it will hold without it. If you do use a glue I would use something thin or use a small amount there is not a log of clearance here. 

First set of Dual wheels go next. 

Then the last set of dual wheels. 

Next I glued the Radar Dish to the Dish mount. 


Next I glued the Light RAC to the hull. 

Last step is to add the Dish, I opted to not glue mine. image.thumb.jpeg.b10aef1d0ccacdbc757557d967872f74.jpeg

And with that I have a Warden B ready for painting. So you want to see how the Warden B compares to the Warden?




So in the pictures above you can see the difference. The Warden B has so much more detail than the KS 1 Warden. It's also a little larger as well. In this last picture you can see the pickaxe and other tools on the side of the hull.. The original couldn't show that kind of detail. 

So my thoughts on it. It is a great model. Didn't take me long to get it together. You do have to watch where you are putting your wheels (I almost put the single wheels on the rear) . I am liking the new Dual-Cast material. It is easy to work with. About the only downside that I have is I have to use more caution when using my hobby knife. The material cuts very easily and if you have a sharp knife you can cut away more than you want.  But I will trade that with not having to wait 6 months to a year for CavBoss to get models from over the ocean. 

Let me know your thoughts and questions. I could really use some pointers to help make these posts better. 




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