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5th Knights Assault Regiment :: 11th Tactical Air Wing

The Red Baron

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5th Knights Assault Regiment :: 11th Tactical Air Wing


5th Knights Assault Regiment logo In 2019, Todd Farnholtz aka Mastergunz announced that he was going to organize and run  a non-traditional tournament based on the WarMaster tournament described in the CAV:SO rulebook. I can't recall the exact rules but it was something like 6 models max, aircraft and upgrades allowed. I thought about this list a lot during that summer and came up with the idea of playing an all aircraft list.

An all aircraft list had several advantages as it was immediately immune to all Indirect Fire weapons (Rockets) and anything with the SA: Strike (MACs). This cut out a sizeable chunk of the weapons you might see on the battlefield. Additionally, the Aircraft were relatively cheap and I was able to afford upgrades for my entire Air Wing. I chose external armor and picked the type that worked against non-energy weapons. This made me more vulnerable to energy weapons but I guessed that the trade off was worth the risk. I was also able to afford upgraded pilots for all of my models.

In practice, I found that the aircraft had an 8-12 inch sweet spot where they out-ranged most of the weapons they were vulnerable to. I practiced the list several times that summer against my play test partner and bounced the idea off of my friend Ross Hines - who couldn't play in the WarMaster tournament. Otherwise, I kept the list very secret as surprise was perhaps my biggest advantage.
I won the WarMaster tournament...

As for the unit, CavBoss already had the 5th Knights Assault Regiment and he made my unit part of it as the 11th Tactical Air Wing. All of the details on the models are hand painted by me and dedicated to my wife. She loves Dragons and her birthday is 5/11.


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