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117th Bastion Regiment

The Red Baron

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117th Bastion Regiment


117th Bastion Regiment logoIn 2020, I was really struggling with my desire/ability to paint. I just couldn't master any motivation. I'm not the kind of person who paints just to paint. I need a goal - like getting my force ready for an upcoming game. I wasn't playing much of anything during the pandemic and I went months without even going into my painting room. I reached out to my friend Ross Hines and asked him to give me an assignment, to pick a faction for me to paint. My thought was I'd take his 'homework' and do some serious painting over that weekend. 

Did I mention that Ross is an art teacher...? 🙂

He's also STUPID talented when it comes to art, designing CAV lists, and kicking my a** on the tabletop battlefield.

He assigned me to paint some Malvernis models. I'd watched some tutorials from an awesome Twitch streamer - Next Level Painting about how to paint star fields.

And here we are... 

Painting these models got me out of my doldrums and back into painting as something I enjoy. I need to make an actual playable force out of these models. I must own at least a dozen more Banshees. That's probably not enough. 🙂

CavBoss liked my paint scheme enough he assigned it to the 117th Bastion Regiment - a fine compliment indeed.


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Freakin' epic! Any follower of Khardullis would be proud to spin up the turbines in those.

The blending looks great and the dark to highlight spectrum is super nice. The purple / orange contrast on the canopy is well done. 

I just picked up a Reaper Triad of purples for my Malvernis and some more blues for my Templars. Now, I just need to find some time to get a few mechs under the airbrush. 



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