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  1. @anvil242I was familiar with Litko but I had not seen these. Very cool. I spoke with CAVBoss about the tokens at the 11/19 meet in Denton about the tokens. He had some nice ones that I think were just cardboard. However, they were clean and easy to see and use. He said they would be available at a later date. However, these are pretty dang nice.
  2. I see in some of the videos that people have some sweet tokens to represent conditions and status for their CAVs. I know that LITKO makes some really nice ones. Other than the paper ones, does anyone have a source for these? Many thanks! Johnny
  3. Freakin' epic! Any follower of Khardullis would be proud to spin up the turbines in those. The blending looks great and the dark to highlight spectrum is super nice. The purple / orange contrast on the canopy is well done. I just picked up a Reaper Triad of purples for my Malvernis and some more blues for my Templars. Now, I just need to find some time to get a few mechs under the airbrush.
  4. Understood and you are correct. CAVs are obviously the focus. But I do appreciate the fact that there are layers to the game and you can dive as deep as you want to. With your help, I found the Data Cards. Many thanks. I just glossed over 'OPEN' multiple times. And you could say that I am a bit of a fan of 3D printing. Attached is a pic of the set up at my old house and the shop that I am building to set up more printers and my gaming tables and adult beverage bar. Many sincere thanks for your time and help. Respectfully, Eringzo
  5. Loving the guidance here. All of it is valuable. And Jim, your post was the opposite of boring. It was engaging and on point. I am surprised more the use of infantries doesn’t come into play in casual games. 2 follow up questions. #1 Where can I find more info or Data Cards for the different infantry? I found that I could possibly generate them from the CAV Force Manager. Are there Pre-generated ones that I am just not finding? #2 On the Stiletto and Rapier, I can find: MODEL NAME TYPE MOVE ROLE FACTION DT TVP VARIANT RAPIER CAV BIPEDAL RECON TEMPLAR 6 345 NA STILETTO VEHICLE WHEELED ATTACK TEMPLAR 3 71 NA I can generate some Data Cards from the CAV Force Manager. (Jon W. stated that it was still roughly 80% accurate. Here’s to hoping the web-based version comes soon!) Has anyone posted what they feel these kit bashes would look like or is open to interpretation based on MOVE and WEAPONS? (i.e. (Rapier= Walker with 4 racks of GM) and (Stiletto=Roller with 1 Mounted MAC)? Same question for the Nomads or Stalkers that Krugerannd mentioned. I like the idea of kit bashing and would like to see what has been done by others. Looking forward to meeting everyone at some of the Reaper Saturday/Sunday meets. I will absolutely be attending several times a year. Johnny
  6. Great info here and sincere thanks, James. I think this is what I needed to get me headed in the right direction. It falls directly in line with some of my reading. I still want to get some infantry on the ground and some grav tanks... well, near the ground. You have been an ongoing source of guiding info. Greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey Pilots. Johnny (AKA Eringzo) here. I'm new to the game and learning as much as I can. Not only am I new to the CAV, but I am also new to war gaming. I've got a lot to wrap my head around. I'm in Huntsville, TX and hoping to get some traction with some other players locally to get a weekly game going and potentially a slow grow league. After watching some games at CAVCon 2022, I picked up the book along with some mechs. I also purchased some of the 2018 CAVC SO Kickstarter mechs from an individual. I have a couple of each of the following. (In addition to about 10 pounds of scenery from the same purchase. .LOL) Centurion (72285) Templar Crusader (72286) Templar Sovereign (72287) Templar Spartan (72288) Templar Gladiator II (72299) Templar Warhawk (72306) Templar Duelist (72295) Templar Revenant (72289) Malvernis Butcher (72290) Malvernis Haunt (72291) Malvernis Shadow (72292) Malvernis Obake (72305) Malvernis Ghost (72293) Malvernis Pillager (72307) Malvernis Shade (72297) Malvernis Obviously, there is plenty here to build some Assault and Fire Support Squads. Maybe even a Recon Squad. After reading as much as I can, I know I am still missing some fundamentals on squad building. I'd like to be able to play some games casual enough to interest new players but build my skill set and squads enough to do a bit of tourny play. Maybe 2 squads. I can see that there is a lot more the this than just the Mechs. In order to build some a Primary and Secondary Squad that would help me grow as a player, what would you recommend I be able to bring to the table as far as Infantry and Mechanized Infantry. What about Flight or Mortar? Some examples of some Squads of any of the races would be very helpful. I don't mind spending a few coins on what I need but don't want to just keep guessing when I can use this forum to get help and fill in some of my knowledge gaps. I know that the new core rules are imminent, but I think what has worked for members here in the past will continue to be a viable selection. Sincere thanks in advance for any guidance offered. Johnny
  8. Just watched the YouTube video on the rules update. This seems like a tremendous change across quite a few areas. Absolutely looking forward to the updates.
  9. I was planning on creating a few of the trenches with the infantry already staged in them. If I moved them out of the trench, I would replace it with and empty one and go back to the standard hex based infantry. Harmonica for scale. 🙂
  10. Johnny here. Long time gamer. First time CAVer. I have been devouring what I can find on CAV. Pretty determined to become a competent player. In this endeavor, I found this on the downloads page that may be close to what you are looking for. https://talon-games.com/downloads/MODELLIST2020.xlsx Hope this is on point. Respectfully, Eringzo
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