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11e Régiment de Hussards

The Red Baron

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11e Régiment de Hussards


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I first discovered CAV at ReaperCon in 2016. Brandon Baker gave me a demo game this, combined with the fantastic looking models, convinced me to pick this game up. Reaper ran a metal trade in table at ReaperCon where you could trade old metal minis in for credit in current metal minis. I took a tour of the Reaper facility and got to go through their stock of metal CAV minis.

I took home 8 pounds of CAV minis. 🙂 

It took me a few months to figure out what parts went together and identify them but with the help of the community I got it done.

I decided to play Templars in the CAV tournament at ReaperCon in 2017. Which left me with a huge task to do. CAV was in a transition at this time from Metal to Plastic. Shortly, after my 8 pound haul Reaper melted down all of its existing CAV stock. At this time there were few Templar models in plastic. This meant I had to search far and wide for metal CAV models that were sitting on shelves in stores across the country.

It was a chore... I finally found enough models to field an all metal Templar force but without much in the way of choice in terms of list construction. I only had just enough models to make a list.

I got them painted and showed up at CAVCon just in time to get thoroughly beaten by my soon to be friend Ross Hines. 

Shock Check anyone...? 🙂



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