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Building completed

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This week I was able to get this building project finished up.  Was a fun project.  This laser cut building was easy to assemble and will make a great addition to my CAV terrain.  






I also took a few shots with some CAV models in there for scale.




Very fun build here is hoping that we get more of these kind of buildings and such in the future.  Very good value for the money, imo.


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Syagrius, Yes, the building was airbrushed, and hand painted both.  Airbrush in the main colors and some top down highlights, as well as blocking in some larger details like the landing pad and such.  Then by hand with brushes finish up all the smaller details, washes and drybrushing.  I would like to see your results if you do add one to you next order, always fun to see what others come up with.

Yes please CAVBOSS, I would be in line for more anytime they are ready!  Super fun to paint up, huge modeling potential with scratch bashing and all sorts of other opportunities with these. The part I like the best is the detail sheets.  They add some nice details and cover up all joints.  Often I see a lot of laser cut buildings that have all the joints exposed and don’t look as good because of it.  This building goes together well, looks good in the finish.

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