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Second Building Completed

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This week I was able to complete a second building.  I had purchased two of these, with the hope of testing out a few ideas for painting the laser cut buildings.  I had not done very much stuff with the laser cut products in the past.  These buildings are the tests for my Badger model, that I will be doing at some point in the future.  It will be painted up using similar techniques.  With this second one, I tried using a brighter photo for the picture behind the widows.  Not sure I like it as much?  It is better than the one I used for the first building, as it is much easier to see what it is.  It also has a lot of bright white clouds vs the blue sky, so that feels a bit to bright and is a little off.  Learning curve for me, maybe something in the middle if I do more of these.




Here are a few shots with the two together. 


I am excited to have these in my collection.  They are very versatile and will be used for many games and game systems.

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