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Best Christmas


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Hopefully all others have had a great Christmas and New Years break.  I was super lucky to get this as a Christmas gift, from my family.



After some assembly and fun with the terrible assembly instructions, my sons and I got this 3D printer built and printing.  In the past I had to rely on others and my son to get the items I need/want printed… No more.  This machine has been super fun to use and learn with over the break.  In the past I had purchased some STL files for some tabletop war games, terrain.  So, I started printing some alien looking trees for CAV.



Above is a couple photos of a CAV model next to some of the prints.  I can hardly believe how good they have come out.  These are scaled down from the original size to better fit the CAV scale.  Below is a picture of the original scale, next to the same model.


The original scale is for larger scale games, 28mm or so.  I am totally looking forward to printing off a forest of these in the smaller scale that looks better next to the CAV models.  I also believe they will be a ton of fun to paint up in some bright mushroom colors.  I will post up more pictures as this project progresses.  

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