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Double-Time/Aircraft & NoE

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A few what ifs that have "popped" up recently...

Q. Does a model with MV 9 get the benefit of Double-Time if they are moving on road/paved terrain and receive a +1 to their current move?

A. No. If you do not have a natural MV of 10 or better then no double-time. This applies to Run 'N Gun as well.

Q. An aircraft "drifting" with Improved Handling, does this count as an NoE move? 

A. No. An aircraft flying NoE precludes the use of the SA: Improved Handling.

Q. If an aircraft declares NoE for the 1st action but then no action for the 2nd, is the aircraft NoE for the 1st action and then no NoE or no NoE at all?

A. The aircraft would remain NoE until it does something that kicks it out. So it would be NoE during the 1st action and then out of NoE after declaring for the 2nd.



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