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Cav's ride Badgers and Broadswords. What do fighters and bombers ride?

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So in my continuing quest to ask questions about things CAVBoss hasn't gotten around to yet the following thought crossed my mind.

Dropships carry CAV's from transport vessel to planet side and back again. What do fighters and bombers do? Do they hitch a lift on the same ship as the CAV's or do they have a intra-atmospheric carrier of their own or are they capable of space flight long enough to go from carrier to atmosphere? (Somehow I don't see a Tsuiseki doing this.)

For an example in Battletech a Union class dropship can support 2 fighters alongside 12 mechs. A Leopard class carries 2 fighters and 4 mechs. Can Badgers and Broadswords do the same so that the fighters are ready to launch and not need prep and assembly at the LZ before sortie?

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I assume that most of them are freighted to the surface in dropships or other transports.

As for Orbital fighters, there are two hulls that we have stats for which can operate from orbit. Those are the Adonese Eagle and the Rach Kraken (which has a couple versions, iirc). I know that CAVBoss has sounded open to the idea of them qualifying for ODST even though "aircraft" aren't allowed to normally take it, but idk if that will make an official cut.

I'll try to remember to ask him on stream if you aren't there.

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