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And another thing. Faction army list building.


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If I remember correctly the rules for list building for the various factions is going to be in the upcoming Journal of recognition?

I probably asked this before but can't remember the answer I got if any. Will Malvernis stay at a 5 unit per squad standard for faction benefits or are they changing to a 4 unit per squad?

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List building will be included with the upcoming rules update. Model size and type will remain in place when building a doctrine based force group. We are discussing adding a new secondary squad type (we are referring to it as a provisional squad for now) that will allow you to combine CAVs and Tanks into a 4-6 model squad (bypassing the normal squad size) for more options when building units. This squad would not be limited by a normal faction's model count. They would receive a sub-squad designation of attack/fire support/recon like aircraft. Thoughts?

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Well after retreating to the restroom to sit upon the Throne of Wisdom and contemplate the if's as Marcellus Wallace would say I've come to the following thoughts.

1. What you describe is by my way of thinking a stronger, faster, better Specialist squad for the Secondary side of things. I say this because as I understand it the differences are.

A) A Primary Specialist squad is 1-4 models be they CAV's, Tanks, Infantry or Aircraft where as the Provisional squad is 4-6 models and limited to CAV's and Tanks only?

B) The Specialist squad will not benefit from the Fire Support or Recon freebies like the Provisional squad will.


I can see it being of benefit for the smaller point armies as a Specialist squad and a Provisional squad will give you an army of 5-10 models that could literally be any damn thing on the wall (playing a pirate or Merc force) or allowing faction forces to take that 1 Aircraft and your Lucky 3 Infantry stands in the Specialist squad (They killed a rampaging Dictator B solo doncha know) that you want and then filling out the rest of the army with the cheaper tank and CAV options in the Provisional Squad while still having access to the ELINT capabilities of Recon models, Long Range firepower of Fire Support and Upfront shooting of Attack.


Example: Malvernis 2000 pts


Specialist Squad

1x Ghast (Aircraft/Attack) @ 243 Tv

3x Power Armor Medium mortar infantry (Infantry/Fire Support) @ 177 Tv


Provisional Squad

1x Wight (CAV/Attack) @ 596Tv

1x Shadow (CAV/Recon) @ 280 Tv

2x Banshees (Vehicle/Attack) @ 436 Tv

1x Shade (CAV/Fire Support) @ 236 Tv


Total 1968 Tv

Now I'm not saying the above list makes any kind of rational, logistical or tactical kind of sense, I just threw it together as an example of what could be done (assuming I got my facts straight, of course.)

The Provisional squad would be classified as an Attack squad as its 3 Attack models to 1 Fire Support and 1 Recon. But you have a little of everything available and can explore your options without having to drop $60 in models to play.


Although I have no idea why you wouldn't drop $60 or more as there's so many options and they're all priced to move.

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