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And another thing. Indirect fire and bonuses to Strike Point rolls.

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So basically this is just to check my math on this one.

You have a Fire Support squad consisting of 1 Spartan Recon CAV and 3 Sovereign III Fire Support CAV's.

The Spartan has EST and TAG.

The Sovereign III's have FCS and Adv Targeting Computer 1


The Spartan declares a target lock on point A which may or may not have a enemy model standing on it.

The Spartan uses EST to relay this target lock to the Sovereign III's

The Sovereign III's will each get a +3 to their Strike Point roll due to the following

+1 from the target lock triggering the Adv. Targeting Computer

+2 from the FCS system as each Sovereign III has one and the max bonus available from FCS is +2


If the Sovereign III's can individually see (have LOS) to the Strike Point they would get a further +1 for a total of +4 to the Strike Point roll.


For the Combat roll the only bonuses would be if the target was Disabled, Immobile, Stationary or Prone or if the Sovereign III's Salvo Fired their 2 Heavy R10 rocket pods. 


The Spartan's TAG does nothing as nobody is using Guided Missiles and you can't feed TAG through a EST system anyway. Right?

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