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Twitch stream @ 8pm CST 10/6/21

The Red Baron

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Jon asked me to fill in for him Wednesday @ 8pm CST. I'm working on my all tanks force. Join me as we speculate WILDLY about what Jon is doing that keeps him away from the show. I'm giving away a 3D printed Cobra to the person whose story I like the best. Possibly, there will be other prizes as the muse hits me. Come hang out and hobby with me!

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I shan't be able to attend tonight.

I would like to say Jon is negotiating with Paramount to sell the movie or T.V. show rights to CAV to them.

I would like to say he's negotiating with Orbit Books to sell the novelization rights to CAV to them.

I would like to say he found a deal on a vehicle used in the filming of Rat Patrol and is joyriding through the Kansas fields.


However, knowing the kind of luck he's had so far this year he's probably got a 7ft geyser of raw sewage in the factory or a satellite has fallen on his truck or that woman from the city who had him in front of a judge about the grass clippings managed to get him run out of town.

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